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While this entry did not make the shortlist, you are welcome to continue discussing & planning to run your event after the E2 event period. A new thread has been started for non-shortlist entry discussion.

E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

One Hit Wonders
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Contestants will sail solo and PvP solo-manned event sloops. The first ship to score a hit wins the battle. Contestants can defeat multiple event sloops for bigger prizes.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Any officer Elapsed time 4 hours
Unit of Entry Individuals Participant Time up to 4 hours
Expected Participation 50-100 Judging Time None
Platform Midnight


Event Description

Become a One Hit Wonder! Land the first shot in solo PvPs to win poe and prizes.

On a weekend day at noon Pacific, six sloops with the fish name Jellow will set sail in Diamond. Five will sail on Alpha-Turtle and the sixth will spend its time on Alpha-Winter. Each sloop will be manned by one pirate and three bots. The experience of the pirates aboard the Jellows will vary from new officers to old salts.

Contestants will sail their own sloops solo with up to three bots and attack any of the Jellows. The first ship to land a shot during the battle will be declared the winner. Ties (trading shots on the same move in the same turn) will count as wins for the attacking contestant. After a shot has been landed, the contestant and event sloop are to avoid each other and wait for a chance to disengage. If a contestant continues to shoot on turns after a shot has been landed, he will be disqualified. Any contestant who grapples will also be disqualified. This will allow the event sloop and the contestant time to repair any damage to their ship and get ready for the next fight.

Contestants may only defeat each Jellow once. If they lose an attempt, they may engage that same Jellow later, but only after allowing another contestant a chance to attack that ship. A poe prize will be awarded for each Jellow defeated. Some Jellows will also have themed prizes given for defeating that ship. Larger prizes will be awarded to contestants who defeat three or more of the Jellows. There is no limit to the number of contestants who can win each prize.


Individual Battles

Event captains will be responsible for judging each battle. They will do a /vwho to confirm that their opponent is sailing solo. They will report by an announcement over crew chat when a contestant has won a battle against them. Poe prizes will be awarded immediately after the announcement and confirmation via PvP records that the battle was 4v4 (i.e. no extra bot).

Win Records

I will stay shoreside and act as event coordinator and keep a list of contestants and which ships they have defeated for the purposes of awarding larger prizes to those who defeat multiple event sloops.


1000 poe for each contestant for each event ship defeated - With good participation, I will give about 150K total this way.

A crate of limes for each contestant who defeats the Lime Jellow, probably about 15-20 crates total

A fish skeleton ("bob") for defeating the X-rated Jellow, probably 15-20 fish skeletons total

A crate of small cannonballs for defeating any three Jellows - I expect fewer than 15 such winners

A lime/pink ribbon trinket for defeating any four Jellows - I expect fewer than 10 such winners.

A lime/pink fancy ribbon trinket for defeating any five Jellows - I expect fewer than 5 such winners.

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

I have already contacted flag members and have found volunteers to man the event sloops. I will need six people sailing the event sloops for the duration of the event, but will probably use two shifts of officers so my volunteers don't get too worn out. I will act as event coordinator, scorekeeper, and prize distributor. I will give poe prizes using /pay after wins are announced over crew chat by my sailing volunteers, and will distribute furniture and trinket prizes at the conclusion of the event window.

OM Assistance

Trinket prizes, oceanwide broadcast(s) at the start of the event, possibly turning off brigands on the routes used

Workshop Coaching

My Goals For This Event

My primary aim is to create an event that can be played and won by pirates of any skill and experience level. By having different event sloops manned by different levels of pirates, I think that even brand-new officers should be able to find a winnable fight. Also, by making the first hit the winning hit, an element of luck is added that can give anyone a chance to win.
I also want the event to give many opportunities for many players to win. Battles will be short - probably about 5 minutes each - so each Jellow can fight many battles in the four-hour period giving lots of people chances for prizes. There is also no limit on the number of prizes that may be awarded.

My Questions for the Mentors

Can we turn off brigands on the routes used for the event? I would like to see as many opportunities as possible for event battles. It would be preferable to not have contestants and especially the event sloops occasionally tied up by brigands. I am aware that it is unusual, if not completely disallowed, to turn off brigands on a major route like Alpha-Turtle, but I would like to keep the event in Diamond so more pirates will have access to ships in the area. From my experience running events on Nu, I know that many people end up left out by events in outer arches because they do not have access to a ship.
How am I going to make sure everyone knows the rules? I know the oceanwide broadcast will contain a URL to the forum post. My officers running the Jellows will also be using /vwho and sending tells (copied and pasted) with the rules at the start of each battle. Is this enough? Can I have 2-3 successive broadcasts to briefly state the rules before the event begins?
Are the proposed prizes appropriate?


Previous Similar Events

This event has minimal similarity to treasure sloops, because it is PvP for poe and prizes.


I was one of the two lead coordinators for Epic's Nu Casino event day. Peanutswench and I wrote and organized all events for that day. Within the larger event day, I was personally in charge of the gunning tournament, song contest, and sloop blockade events. I have also arranged PvPs between myself and other flag mates for the purpose of training or just for fun.