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While this entry did not make the shortlist, you are welcome to continue discussing & planning to run your event after the E2 event period. A new thread has been started for non-shortlist entry discussion.

E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

Who Wants to Be a Runner-Up!
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A set of tournaments and events for pirates where winning isn't everything!

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Carousing Puzzle Players, Writers/Forum Types Elapsed time 2 weekends. One event on Saturday and one event on Sunday. Essay Contest would have a period of 1 week for participants to submit entries.
Unit of Entry Hearts Tournament - Individual Entry; Spades Tournament - Team Entry; Treasure Drop Tournament - Individual Entry; Drinking Tournament - Individual Entry; Essay/Photo Contest - Individual Entry Participant Time I'd imagine a few hours for each tournament
Expected Participation Hearts Tournament - Limited to 64 entrants. Must declare intention to participate on Forums on a first come, first serve basis. Spades Tournament - Limited to 32 teams. Must declare intention to participate on Forums on a first come, first serve basis. Treasure Drop and Drinking Tournaments will be automated but limited to 64 participants, who must declare intention to participate on Forums. Essay/Photo Contest - Must submit entries on Forums Judging Time Instantaneous for Tournaments; 1 week for Essay/Photo Contest
Platform Cobalt Ocean. Will take place at the House of Brews Inn on Kirin Island, various locations throughout the Cobalt Ocean, and Event Forums


Event Description

"Queen Me" Hearts Tournament will be games set to 100, with standard settings (Left, Right, Across, and Hold). Field of 64 will be randomly assigned into 8 tables. The Winner from each table will move onto Semi-Final Round. Participants will then be randomly assigned into 4 new tables. Winner from each table in the Semi-Final round will move on to the Final Table. The goal of the 4 finalists is to reach 100 points first.

"Tricks are for Kids" Spades Tournament will be games set to 300. Field of 32 teams will be randomly assigned into tables. The final two remaining teams will play to lose in a game set to 200. The team that reaches either +200 or -200 first is declared the Actual Winner of the tournament.

"Bottoms Up!" Drinking Tournament and "Holey Moley" Treasure Drop Tournament will consist of a set of 7 cascading tournaments. Chalice to Board Stained for the Drinking Tournament and Turbo/Holes for the Treasure Drop Tournament. Participants will play to lose only during the first round of each tournament. Participants want to win in subsequent rounds if remaining in the particular tournament. Tournaments will be Local Tournaments at private settings to ensure the eligible participants in each round enter the tournaments and will be immediate set-up once all participants have congregated. All tournaments will be random seeding. Dismissing a match before a winner is reached is grounds for automatic disqualification. Runner-Up participants must remain in the game and an event judge must verify eligibility before contestant moves onto the next tournament.

Tournament 1: 64 entrants, Green/Yellow Dirk 32 Runners-Up move to new location and register for Tournament 2. 32 Actual Winners compete to finish winning the tournament.

Tournament 2: 32 entrants, Candles and Barrel of Sugar Cane 16 Runners-Up move to new location and register for Tournament 3. 16 Actual Winners compete to finish winning the tournament.

Tournament 3: 16 entrants, White/Blue Muffin Hat 8 Runners-Up move to new location and register for Tournaments 4 and 5. 8 Actual Winners compete to finish winning the tournament.

Tournaments 4 and 5: 4 entrants each, 1,000k Pot 4 Runners-Up move to new location and register for Tournament 6. 4 Actual Winners compete to finish winning the tournament.

Tournament 6: 4 entrants, 1,500k Pot 2 Runners-Up move to new location and register for Tournament 7. 2 Actual Winners compete to finish winning the tournament.

Tournament 7: 2 entrants, 2,000k Pot and Yellow Pitcher Runner-Up wins grand prize, Actual winner wins 2K Pot and Pitcher.

"Why I Will Never Win A Familiar" Essay and Photo Contest is a literary and screenshot contest about the lack of puzzling skills of pirates. Each participant must submit an essay of up to 500 words about an experience at their worst Piracy Puzzling station (Navigating, Gunning, Sailing, Carpenting, Bilging, and Swordfighting). Examples of experiences include failed Bake-off competitions, a bad pillaging run, or on the blockade board. In addition to the essay, participants must submit a screenshot of one of their worst puzzling disasters. Altering screenshots is acceptable. Humor is encouraged!


Volunteers will monitor the matches, but no judging is really necessary for the Tournaments. However, final tables will be monitored to ensure finalists understand the "Lose-to-Win" setting. A panel of 5 judges will evaluate the literary and screenshot entries and provide a ranking order for their choice of favorite stories.


Hearts Tournament - 1st Place (Runner-Up) - Hearts Table, Set of Maroon Female Rags, Yellow Stein and a Trinket; 2nd Place - 1 Yellow Pitcher, ; 3rd Place - 500 PoE and a Yellow Goblet; 4th Place (Winner) - Yellow Goblet:

Spades Tournament - 1st Place Team (Runners-Up) - Choice of Green/White Musketeer Hat, Swashie, Pants, and Fancy Boots or Green/White Wide-Brimmed Hat, Buccaneer Jacket, Green Short Dress, and Fancy Boots for each team member and 2 trinkets; 2nd Place Team (Winners) - Set of Yellow/Yellow Stilettos.

Drinking Tournament - 1st Place (Tournament 7 Runner-Up) - Yellow Chalice, Set of Purple Female Rags, Drinking Table, and Trinket

Treasure Drop Tournament - 1st Place (Tournament 7 Runner-Up) Treasure Drop Board, set of Violet Female Rags, Yellow/Yellow Saber, and Trinket

All Actual Winners of the Tournaments Receive a Stool and a Sleeping Cap which doubles as a Dunce Hat so that the Winner can sit in the corner and pout about actually winning a tournament.

Essay/Screenshot Contest - 1st Place - Renamed Sloop "Poorest Puzzler" and a Trinket; 2nd Place - 2K PoE; 3rd Place - 1K PoE

Random participants in all of the events will be eligible to participate in the Consolation Pick-a-Prize game. 100 prizes are available and are numbered randomly. The participant selects a number and they win the prize associated with that number!

Prizes include PoE amounts up to 10k, A Sloop, Furniture, Clothing, Mugs, Ship Supplies, and more!

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Volunteers who are not participating in the Hearts or Spades Tournament will periodically check tables during games and will report scores to Event Planner. A Volunteer must verify that the individual or team has won the match by inspecting the table. Assistance will be needed for automated tournaments to monitor the tournament draws and relay to the Event Planner the participants eligible to compete in the next round. I will need to call on 5 volunteers to judge the Essay/Screenshot contest.

OM Assistance

Need assistance in obtaining at least 6 Trinkets for the Winners of the Tournaments and Contest and with the renaming of a sloops. I'd love to get more trinkets to be eligible in the Consolation prize pool as well.

Workshop Coaching

Logistics of developing manual draws for the Card tournaments and devising a random seeding strategy. Hardcore limitations on teams for Hearts and Spades tournaments. It would depend on interest. How can I make these series of events worthy of a familiar? Logistically planning the Cascading tournaments. What happens if I don't have enough participants for the Hearts/Spades tournaments and seeding accordingly.


Previous Similar Events

I don't recall of any in this format.


I have never planned a full-scale oceanwide event. However, I tested one of the tournaments in a small scale in my flag and it was successful and fun for all involved.