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While this entry did not make the shortlist, you are welcome to continue discussing & planning to run your event after the E2 event period. A new thread has been started for non-shortlist entry discussion.

E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

Design a flag.
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entrants must design a pirate flag using the existing flag graphics in the game directory. The flag that is judged as best wins along with honorary mentions etc.

Player Profile Timeline
Audience Artists Elapsed time 1-2 weeks
Unit of Entry individual entry - one entry per participant Participant Time however long it takes to make entries
Expected Participation around thirty - no limits Judging Time 1 week
Platform Forum


Event Description

In this event, participants must design their ideal pirate flag using the existing grahics in the game directory. They will be allowed a week from event posting on the forums in order to complete and submit their entries. Entries will be posted to a thread in mariners muse. When judging is complete, a winner and honorary mentions will be selected and awarded prizes.


Entries will be judged according to the ideas, style and humor. OM judges and other established players as judges would be helpful but not essential as i could probably get together a bunch of judges for this event.


overall winning entry wins a handkerchief in the main colours of their entry and an extra prize(ideas for this would be useful in the workshop stage). Most humorous entry etc. will win a handkerchief in the main colours of their entry. only one handkerchief trinket per entry. Any other honorary mentions win 5k PoE

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

Volunteers will be needed to judge entries.

OM Assistance

OM assistance will be needed to award trinkets, rename the sloop(transfer sloop and poe to winners oceans?) and judge if possible.

Workshop Coaching

make flag image files more easily accessible for use by less skilled entrants? make sure prizes are ok or find more appropriate prizes. find a better name :P


Previous Similar Events

There have been events for artists but i do not believe there has been one that used existing graphics in the Puzzle pirates folder.


I have not previously run an event but i have been planning some events for a while now.