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While this entry did not make the shortlist, you are welcome to continue discussing & planning to run your event after the E2 event period. A new thread has been started for non-shortlist entry discussion.

E2-logo.png This is an entry for E2: The Event Event.

Plundered Poems: Sonnet Edition
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Write a new poem using the existing rhyming scheme from a Shakespearean Sonnet

Player Profile Timeline
Audience forum-dwellers interested in writing/poetry Elapsed time 3 weeks
Unit of Entry individual entries Participant Time however long it takes to write a poem (2 week entry period)
Expected Participation 20+ (no limit on number of participants) Judging Time One week judging period
Platform Forums


Event Description

Sometimes the hardest part about writing a poem can be getting everything to rhyme. So what's a clever pirate to do? Steal the rhymes from another poem!

Contestants will select one of Shakespeare's Sonnets to plunder their rhymes from. Keeping the last word in each line (and thus the rhyme), the contestant will write a new sonnet with a piratey theme. The new poems must follow the meter requirements (iambic pentameter) of an English Sonnet. Links will be provided to direct participants to text of Shakespeareans Sonnets and to information about the English Sonnet poetry form.

Contestants will have 2 weeks from the opening of the contest to submit their poems, along with a copy of the plundered Shakespearean Sonnet (identified by number). Entries will be submitted via e-mail. One entry per person.

Non-Sonnety Example

The song "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" might become:

Sailing on the "Pirate Star"
Passing ships know who we are.
Skull and crossbones hanging high
Spreading fear 'neath a clear sky.


A technical judge will recieve entries via e-mail, and review them to ensure that the contest requirements are met. All entries that meet the event critera will be anonymously be forwarded to each of the 3 literary judges.Literary judges will score the poems and proved results back to the technical judg f


A list of prizes would be offered, with the 1st place winner getting first choice and so on down the list. My dream list would look something like:

  • familiar (unlikely, I know, but it is a dream list)
  • rare furniture prize - Ancient Bust (like all those Shakespeare busts)
  • parrot feather (quill) trinket
  • ribbon trinket
  • war brig named 'Stolen Verse"
  • sloop named "Plundered Rhyme"
  • rich Poet furniture set (fancy desk, fancy chair, gold candles, paper and quill)
  • poor poet furniture set (table, plain chair, candles. scroll and quill)
  • chest containing 5k PoE (plunder)
  • skull furniture item ("Alas, poor Yorrick...")

Help Required

Volunteer Assistance

3 volunteer judges with some knowledge of poetry are needed.

OM Assistance

A sticky for the Event Thread. Assistance with prize generation (trinkets and/or ship-renames) would also be appreciated at the OMs' discretion.

Workshop Coaching

I could use some advice on appropriate scoring methods for judging poems. I also could use guidance on selecting prizes, and how to handle providing prizes when they might need to be handed out on any ocean, especially since most of my resources are limited to Midnight/Cobalt.


Previous Similar Events

There have been numerous poetry contests in the past, but I believe the plundered rhyming scheme adds a unique element.


I have run numerous Flag level events and have assisted with a couple of Ocean-wide ones (on Midnight). I am co-sponsoring my first oceanwide event, Sloop Blackjack, on Feb. 4.