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Etrigan can be found buying decorative cannonballs on the Emerald Ocean. Furniture-Decorative_cannonballs-2.png

Etrigan's Decorative Cannonnall Collection



  • December of 2008: Since joining the Sage ocean, Etrigan was invited to his cousins' crew The Remnant and rose to the rank of senior officer, making friends with its members. He has contributed to the crew on many levels and has been deemed the crews Carpenter.

  • January of 2009: Etrigan has been with The Remnant for over a year. But due to the low activity he has formed a new crew, christening it "The Black Company". After the creation of this new crew, he rejoined his former flag Critical Mass and became a lord.

  • January of 2010: As it turns out, Etrigan is kind of lazy. He has not really been trying to recruit any members for his crew. So it’s just him in the crew until he either decides to start recruiting or until he finds someone to do it for him.

  • January of 2011: Etrigan is still lazing about and not really doing anything. He has made many friends in the flag but doesn't really have anyone in his crew. He just doesn't feel like spending time trying to recruit.

  • January of 2012: Guess what; Etrigan is still lazy. As it turns out, Etrigans' cousins Magefire and Masterchef no longer play Puzzle Pirates anymore and have moved on. Maybe it’s time for Etrigan to move on as well. He has gone through lengthy periods of inactivity and has become all but dormant. But still he comes on occasionally to say hi to his flaggies and play some poker or hearts. Etrigan continues to wonder what the future holds in store for him as he treks on.

  • January of 2013: The time has come for change. Etrigan has found he has no ambition and is never going to recruit for his own crew. Also, due to the fact that about everyone he knew from when he first started playing has either quit playing or retired from PP, he has decided to join his friend Rionna's crew Veni Vedi Vici. This way, he can hopefully become an active member once more and now spend more time on PP and find some more friends to talk to and puzzle with. So here's to wishful thinking.

  • January of 2014: Etrigan hasn't been on Puzzle Pirates actively at all in over a year now. School and work take up most of his time and he finds he has been paying other games of late. He has been meaning to get on see what's been happening, but he always forgets or other things always come up. Maybe he will take the time to re-download the game and check up on his old friends......maybe.

  • January of 2015: Etrigan has been active once again, doing this and that and having fun. But It seems that he's the only member in the crew as everyone else is dormant. So he's decided to wait around until Rionna gets back on and they can talk about old times again.

  • February of 2015: Etrigan has decided to leave Critical Mass. Hardly anyone is active anymore, either having quit or retired. His only friends of old left in the Flag are Chorleychick and Michaelos. So after 7 years with the flag, he has decided to move on. After several attempted persuasions, he has finally gave in and joined with Plur and Debauchery Tea Party, a more lively and active crew.

  • March of 2015: Etrigan has left Debauchery Tea Party. The captain "Plur" has been kicking and demoting people left and right for no apparent reason. When confronted about this, he didn't even bother to explain himself saying that he'll do what he pleases. Since Etrigan saw some of his new made friends being let go in such a fashion, such as Rossyrose, he decided that this was not the crew for him. But there was some good news for the day. Etrigan met a captain named Trinamy who seemed very nice and fun to be around. He inquired as to joining and was happily accepted. He is now a part of Golden Riches. So lets hope this crew works out better than the last one.

  • September of 2015: Etrigan had graduated college in May and has finally found a job in his field! He doesn't know how this will affect his activity, but he hopes that he will still have time to play Puzzle Pirates. He is liking being a part of Golden Riches, and has made many a friend in the crew as well as the flag I-N-K.

  • September of 2016: Etrigan has come back to Puzzle Pirates once more, after a little over a year of inactivity. His new job has been very time consuming, which in itself is somewhat of an excuse, but he also now has a girlfriend, who takes up the rest. But he pledges to try and be more active and to see how his old and new friends are doing.

  • March of 2017: Etrigan continues to be active on Puzzle Pirates and have fun with all his hearties and crew mates. He continues to increase his decorative cannon ball collection as well as be a boss at poker. Here's looking forward to more good times.

  • March of 2018: Etrigan is continuing to have fun playing Puzzle Pirates. His pirate is now over 10 years old! Oh how the times change. He is on less, now that his girlfriend has moved in with him, but still plays everyday if he can help it. He is always looking to increase his collections and finding new LE furniture to furnish his home and ships with. He hopes that the years will continue to be fun and filled with adventure.

  • May of 2019: Etrigan has big news! He has proposed to his girlfriend and they are now engaged! They have set a wedding date for September of 2020 and are making all the preparations for the big day. Etrigan is super excited.

  • Feburary of 2020: Etrigan has depressing news... His fiancé has left him. Etrigan will not go into great detail, but basically she has gone back to her controlling/abusive family. Etrigan is very sad that she could not see past her blind spot for them no matter how many people tried to show her it, even Etrigan. And Etrigan is sad that she could not see the family Etrigan was trying to build with her.


Change, change the form of man.

Free the prince forever damned.

Free the might from fleshy mire.

Boil the blood in heart of fire.

Gone, gone the form of man,

Rise the demon Etrigan!


  • Jinxed Idol: Jan 20, 2010 1:07 PST