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Etrigan can be found playing hearts on the Sage Ocean.



Etrigan began his career playing Puzzle Pirates December 2007, on the Viridian Ocean under the name Deadpool, but because his cousins Magefire and Masterchef pressured him to join them on the Sage Ocean, he began anew as Etrigan.

Since joining the ocean, he was invited to his cousins' crew The Remnant and rose to the rank of senior officer, making friends with its members. He contributed to the crew on many levels and was deemed the crews carpenter.

He was with the crew for over a year as of January 2009, but due to the low activity he formed a new crew christening it, "The Black Company". After the creation of this new crew, he rejoined his former flag Critical Mass and became a lord. Dub

It is now January of 2010 and as it turns out, Etrigan is kind of lazy. He has not really been trying to recruit any members for his crew. So it’s just him in the crew he either decides to start recruiting or until he finds someone to do it for him.

As January of 2011 rolls around, Etrigan is still lazing about and not really doing anything. He has made many friends in the flag but doesn't really have anyone in his crew. He just doesn't feel like spending time trying to recruit.

It’s January of 2012 now, and guess what; Etrigan is still lazy. Who'd have thought? As it turns out Etrigans' cousins Magefire and Masterchef no longer play Puzzle Pirates anymore and have moved on. Maybe it’s time for Etrigan to move on as well. He has gone through lengthy periods of inactivity and has become all but dormant. But still he comes on occasionally to say hi to his flaggies and play some poker from time to time. Etrigan continues to wonder what the future holds in store for him as he treks on.

It's now July of 2012 and the time has come for change. Etrigan has found he has no ambition and is never going to recruit for his own crew. Also, due to the fact that about everyone he knew from when he first started playing has either quit playing or retired from PP, he has decided to join his friend Rionna's crew so he can become an active member once more. Hopefully, he will now spend more time on PP and find some more friends to talk to and puzzle with. So here's to wishfull thinking. XD

Change, change the form of man. Free the prince forever damned. Free the might from fleshy mire. Boil the blood in heart of fire. Gone, gone the form of man, Rise the demon Etrigan!

  • Just been awarded the Jinxed Idol, Jan 20, 2010 1:07 PST