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Etrigan can be found playing hearts on the Sage Ocean.



Etrigan began his career playing Puzzle Pirates December 2007, on the Viridian Ocean under the name Deadpool, but because his cousins Magefire and Masterchef pressured him to join them on the Sage Ocean, he began anew as Etrigan.

Since joining the ocean, he was invited to his cousins' crew The Remnant and rose to the rank of senior officer, making friends with its members. He contributed to the crew on many levels and was deamed the crews carpenter.

He was with the crew for over a year as of January 2009, but due to the low activity he formed a new crew chrisioning it The Black Company. After the creation of this new crew, he rejoined his former flag Critical Mass and became a lord.

Etrigan has high hopes for this new crew and will accept anyone who wants to be a part of it.