Emperor Island monument

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The Emperor Island monument is located at the southeastern tip of the island.

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Emperor Island was governed swiftly and justly by the venerable Rubby under the auspices of the flag Club Fantastico.

It was home to these allied crews:

85 in The Salty Mouthfuls of the flag "Club Fantastico"
20 in Scourge of the Red Seas of the flag "Club Fantastico"

It was home to these independent crews:

51 in Surface Floaters of the flag "Surf Nixons"
29 in Draconi Traders of the flag "Black Plague"
19 in The Sea Dogs of the flag "X marks the spot"
9 in Zabojcy Cienia of the flag "Polska Ekipa"
8 in Crimson Tyrants of the flag "Crimson Empire"
8 in Pork Chop Pirates
7 in The North Pole of the flag "Santa's dirty Underwear"
7 in The Mighty Worriers of the flag "Nexlia"
7 in Pirates with Forks of the flag "The Juice Knife Place"
6 in Blood Riders of the flag "Undead Hellions"
6 in White Widows of the flag "Black Dominion"
3 in Pie Rats of the flag "The Rebel Alliance"
3 in The Terminators
3 in Tipsy Trout
3 in Mad Trout Nibblers of the flag "Non-Landlubbers"