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Emoxcore was a pirate on the retired Viridian Ocean.



Emoxcore started playing Puzzle Pirates in early 2007 on the Viridian Ocean. She had previously played on a different pirate since April, 2005 which still does exist, although the name of this pirate is unknown. Emoxcore is known to regulary enter competitions on the Puzzle Pirates forums, this can be in the form of written-work or artwork. In mid 2007, Emoxcore created the crew Le Superbe, another crew of 200 members soon merged with Le Superbe but the new members slowly left, leaving the crew to slowly deminish. On 27th of September 2007, Emoxcore created another crew Prisoners of Tartarus with Emoskater, and joined Regnum Irae. Along with her previous crew, it only lasted a number of weeks befre Emoxcore disbanded the crew, joining her former crew The Crown Of Thorn. Since then she joined Pwnflakes, Welshy's crew to him him raise the crew's fame, then later left and joined Double Entendres, Bennyboi's crew. Emoxcore is currently ranked as a Fleet Officer and Poetof the crew Psychopaths of the Seas. On the 20th April, 2009, Emoxcore bought a tan Octopus named Boo from Kasidy.


Emoxcore was known throughout the Viridian Ocean for her wearing of stunning gold clothing. She can frequently be seen showing off the latest editions to her wardrobe in the chat circles at Lima dock, and Lima Inn.