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Elegance plays on all oceans except for Ice. She is Elegance on Cobalt, Viridian, Hunter, and Sage; on Midnight she plays as Elegancex. She is an avid poker player and swordfighter and has recently started drinking more. Mostly she plays on Viridian where she is a fleet officer in the crew Mercenaries with her dear friends Tristan, Cyndiepet, and Belgica. Elegance is married to Mastodon who was unfortunantely banned for personal reasons.

Contributions and Achievements

  • Former fleet officer of Los Tazmania on Viridian
  • Former senior officer of Death Blooms on Viridian
  • Former captain of Death Blooms on Viridian
  • Former lady of Pay for Play on Viridian
  • Former princess of Pay for Play on Viridian
  • Former senior officer of Elegy on Hunter
  • Former princess of The Darkest Night on Hunter
  • Former owner of Wishing Well Wardrobe on Fintan
  • Former Officer of Perfect Storm on Cobalt
  • Fleet officer of Mercenaries on Viridian
  • Former Pirate of Serial Pillagers on Cobalt
  • Pirate of Melpomene's Fury on Cobalt
  • Senior officer of Looney Bin on Sage
  • Senior officer of The Black Hunters on Hunter
  • Manager of Nydam Yards on Fintan

Blockades Participated In

These are the blockades that Elegance was bnaving in.