El Cielo Azul

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El Cielo Azul at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Darksoul
Senior Officer(s) Ameer, Akaz-East, An-East, Blair, Cax, Dixiebelle, Figgy, Irnbru, Jobcastigo, Lava, Redspyda, Ush, Wendyrz, Zaiza, Zelz
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Castigo X
Founded 22 April, 2006
Last updated on 10 February, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
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El Cielo Azul is a crew that sails the Emerald Ocean under the flag Castigo X.

Translated from Spanish, El Cielo Azul means "The Blue Sky" and the crew colors are blue and white to represent the sky.

History of El Cielo Azul

El Cielo Azul was founded by Captain Darksoul on 22 April, 2006 and was the founding crew for the flag Castigo Final.

The crew joined with Castigo X sometime after Castigo Final disbanded in early February of 2007.

Public Statement

For pirates with Sky high ambitions.

Extended Public Statement

( we do not conduct open recruitment. Membership of ECA is on special invite only )

El Ciëlo Azûl,

The blue sky

Searching for all the positive things, Instead of the negative ones.

ECA Is a crew that goes for being a hard-working money-making crew.

Our goal is to achieve Illustrious fame, with a maximum of 80 members.

We will only accept members into our crew, that have the spirit to reach for the sky and beyond!!

Our dedication is shown in our crew uniform, which is Blue, with white.

Currently recruiting mature minded mates.

Crew Articles

Basic Principles of our fine crew:

  1. Loyalty: When you are in the ECA, we will expect a certain amount of loyalty from ye. Of course we will not expect ye to be around 25/8 but we will expect ye to be online at least once a week¨, and pillaging at least once every two weeks. We will also expect ye to help the rating of our crew to get up, by doing puzzles, puzzles and even more puzzles.
  2. Pillaging: If ye be on a vessel that is out on a pillage we will expect the following things from ye, based on yer current rank:
Cabin Person (AKA cabby): When yer on a boat, ye will do as asked. Ye will not be allowed to do gunning or navigation, unless the CO of the pillage can see on yer stats that yer up for it.
Pirate: You can always ask to gun, but you will not just gun if ye feel like it. Even though yer rank allows it, we will always appreciate that ye ask, before ye go straight to the gunning.
Officer: We will expect any officer to help out with the discipline on a ship, but not as much as taking control from the CO*. If a lower-ranking pirate is abusive in a mean-spirited way, ye will be allowed to plank the pirate, after a sound OK from the CO. Only the CO of the pillage will be able to plank lazers, as the CO may still want the pirate aboard for certain reasons. *Commanding officer.
Fleet Officer: A fleet officer is expected to be very helpful towards “ordinary” officers doing their pillages, as they may require some aid doing certain things (AKA B-nav, Plunder division, and restocking).
Senior Officer: The senior Officers of ECA will be expected to always help out where they are needed. Even though you are, excuse the play of words, not hittin that many nails at carpentry, you will go there if asked. Senior Officers will also be expected to vote on any issues regarding officers demotion/promotion, and/or other issues.