East Indian Trading Co

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East Indian Trading Co at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Captain Quintius
Senior Officer(s) Cardtricks, Prosper, Jackeastp, Mertci
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Curse of the Black Pearl
Founded 14 June, 2007
Last updated on 6 Template:Month/20, 2007

History of East Indian Trading Co.

The East Indian Trading Co. was founded by Quintius on June 14th, 2007. This crew has a total of 33 members. It sails under the Flag of Curse of the Black Pearl. This crew sails to pillage and is currently described as Mostly Harmless. We also help greenies, and are trying to expand are operations.

Contributions / Activities

No Contributions yet.

Public Statement

Ahoy there ye salty sea dogs! Welcome to SampleCrew. We be a band of tough pirates that sail the seas in search of wealth and fun. All pirates are welcome to pillage with us. So come on and hit the Apply for a job with our crew and enjoy a grand time of pillaging.

Crew Articles (Optional List of Crew Rules)

  1. Mates are expected to ask Persmission to Board (PtB) when boarding a ship at sea.
  2. No cursing, swearing or rude behavior.
  3. No lazing without the permission of the Officer in Charge (OiC)
  4. Remeber at all times this is a game and have some fun.

Promotion Requirements (Optional List of Crew Promotion Guidelines)

  • Cabin Person: Ask the OiC after booty has been divided in port.
  • Pirate: Purchase a subscription and inform an off duty officer and have Narrow in Carpentry, Sailing and Bilging.
  • Officer: Complete crew training and hold Broad/Respected in Battle Navigation and Master in at least two Duty Puzzles.
  • Fleet Officer: Be an Officer in good standing for a period of 3 weeks, have Renowned in Battle Navigation, Grand-Master in all two Duty Puzzles and Master in all other Duty Puzzles.
  • Senior Officer: Be a Fleet Officer in good standing for a period of 3 weeks, have a Legendary in Battle Navigation, Grand-Master in all Duty Puzzles and the willingness to take on responsiblilies for the crew like training new officers.