Dream Chasers

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Dream Chasers at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Elvina
Senior Officer(s) Ardea, Foxielady, Jbear, Johnathan, Pegt, Sweetiepied
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Tyr's Own
Founded 24 June, 2008
Disbanded as of 17 June, 2009
Favicon.png Crew Info

Dream Chasers was a crew on the Midnight Ocean founded in the year 2008 on June 24th.

Public Statement

Pirates have dreams too!

Crew Rules

1. Don't leave during sea battle. Those who do without prior knowledge/permission will be docked pay.

2. When joining a pilly be it ours or with another crew try to stay at least three battles.

3. Don't ignore orders by your XO/CO (Officer In Charge), you can be planked if you are ignoring orders.

4. NO swordfighting, trading or drinking puzzles on the ship while out on the ocean. Only if we are in port waiting to go out.

5. Always be respectful to your fellow crew members and when out on pillies. How you act reflects on the crew so please keep that in mind.

6. Please ask permission to board any ship that has someone aboard. Always ask in crew chat. This is a rule for EVERYBODY. (even the Captain). State the name of the ship you wish to board along with ptb.

7. If you are away from keyboard for any reason when pillaging, please tell the XO/CO.

8. Have fun!!!!!

Cabin People - just join

Pirate - must be subscribed. When you are make sure to talk to an SO or the Captain to be changed to Pirate.

Officer - must show that you have the willingness to learn. Also have broads in some of the duty puzzles and in Bnav. Officer training is provided so if you feel your ready to be an officer and your stats show that. Please talk to Jbear and she will get you set up. :) Also must have gone out on several crew pillies so we know how you work.

Fleet Officer - Have broads in all duty puzzles and distinguished in two. Also have the trust of the Captain and her SO's. Bnav needs to be Broad and you must show your willing to go out with the navy and get your skill level up to distinguished.

Senior Officer - must be trusted by the Captain. Senior Officer rank only given by the Captain when she feels your ready.