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Portrait DragonM.png

The dragon familiar is one of the eight familiar types which can be found on the oceans. It may be won, with a 0.1% probability, from opening a gold box. The colors available change seasonally.


The selection of colors available in the Gold Box will rotate by month:

  • February - Navy, Blue, Aqua, Green
  • April - Navy, Lime, Light Green
  • June - Green, Yellow, Orange, Gold
  • August - Navy, Violet, Purple
  • October - Tan, White, Grey, Peach
  • December - Persimmon, Red, Maroon
Black Orange Tan White Yellow
Blue Dragon-black-blue.png Dragon-orange-blue.png Dragon-tan-blue.png Dragon-white-blue.png Dragon-yellow-blue.png
Gold Dragon-black-gold.png Dragon-orange-gold.png Dragon-tan-gold.png Dragon-white-gold.png Dragon-yellow-gold.png
Green Dragon-black-green.png Dragon-orange-green.png Dragon-tan-green.png Dragon-white-green.png Dragon-yellow-green.png
Grey Dragon-black-grey.png Dragon-orange-grey.png Dragon-tan-grey.png Dragon-white-grey.png Dragon-yellow-grey.png
Light Green Dragon-black-light green.png Dragon-orange-light green.png Dragon-tan-light green.png Dragon-white-light green.png Dragon-yellow-light green.png
Lime Dragon-black-lime.png Dragon-orange-lime.png Dragon-tan-lime.png Dragon-white-lime.png Dragon-yellow-lime.png
Navy Dragon-black-navy.png Dragon-orange-navy.png Dragon-tan-navy.png Dragon-white-navy.png Dragon-yellow-navy.png
Orange Dragon-black-orange.png Dragon-orange-orange.png Dragon-tan-orange.png Dragon-white-orange.png Dragon-yellow-orange.png
Persimmon Dragon-black-persimmon.png Dragon-orange-persimmon.png Dragon-tan-persimmon.png Dragon-white-persimmon.png Dragon-yellow-persimmon.png
Purple Dragon-black-purple.png Dragon-orange-purple.png Dragon-tan-purple.png Dragon-white-purple.png Dragon-yellow-purple.png
Red Dragon-black-red.png Dragon-orange-red.png Dragon-tan-red.png Dragon-white-red.png Dragon-yellow-red.png
Tan Dragon-black-tan.png Dragon-orange-tan.png Dragon-tan-tan.png Dragon-white-tan.png Dragon-yellow-tan.png
Violet Dragon-black-violet.png Dragon-orange-violet.png Dragon-tan-violet.png Dragon-white-violet.png Dragon-yellow-violet.png
White Dragon-black-white.png Dragon-orange-white.png Dragon-tan-white.png Dragon-white-white.png Dragon-yellow-white.png
Yellow Dragon-black-yellow.png Dragon-orange-yellow.png Dragon-tan-yellow.png Dragon-white-yellow.png Dragon-yellow-yellow.png

Historical notes

  • The dragon familiar first appeared with the introduction of gold boxes on April 6, 2012.