Draconi Traders

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Draconi Traders was an Azure crew in Black Plague. Their name appears on the Emperor Island monument.

Monument Text

Draconi Traders sailed the Azure seas with aplomb and derring-do. They flew the flag Black Plague. These pirates were known to count themselves among their ranks:

Captain Feltope (Royalty)
Senior officer Schalaay
Officer Andarius
Officer Arishia
Officer Babajuma
Officer Bugenhagen
Officer Dutruzes
Officer Jartopia
Officer Liu
Officer Neomatrix
Officer Rotiz
Officer Whisk
Officer Whiskin
Pirate Auntjemima
Pirate Avvatar
Pirate Bigtoe
Pirate Buckbeard
Pirate Casualty
Pirate Cobra
Pirate Darkheart
Pirate Mercenaryone
Pirate Mindflayerr
Pirate Nuclear
Pirate Shadowhunter
Pirate Spazmeister
Pirate Volmarias
Pirate Wasted
Pirate Yarrrr
Pirate Ziggurat