Dos Crusadoes

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Dos Crusadoes at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Jingo
Senior Officer(s) Arryarrwoot, Chassy, Cowboymarsoc, Emanuella, Enlightment, Frostygnome, Josieposie, Markcp, Missylee, Raystorm, Sweetsnowy, Wyopirate


Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Black Flag
Founded 18 February, 2008
Last updated on 28 October, 2021
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Dos Crusadoes.jpg

Dos Crusadoes is a crew on the Emerald Ocean led under the pirate Jingo. It was founded on the Sage Ocean on 18 February, 2008.

Public statement

Our Goal: Pillage, and have fun. That's it.

Extended public statement

Welcome to Dos Crusadoes

We are here to;

  1. Have fun
  2. Respect each other (I'd rather lose a battle, than lose respect)
  3. Grow strong
  4. Help our friends with blockades
  5. Run lots of pillages
  6. SMH (not yet, but working on it)
  7. Make friends

We have several ships of all sizes spread throughout Sage for crew use. All we ask is that you restock them as you found them, and port at an island where they can be stocked.

Crew Colors = Aqua and Maroon. Wear them with pride.

We have a "no cabin person" policy, which means those who join the crew, automatically become pirate, or higher. Anyone dormant for 3 months or longer will be made a Cabin Person, and will be reinstated once (if) they return.

We have many crew ships for crew use. I will review the list, since I sunk some of them LOL.

  1. True North - Baghlagh - Wens/Admiral/Kent - Restock to 20 Fine Rum and 40 Medium CB's,
  2. Fair Spot - Sloop - Descartes - 10 Fine Rum - 40 Small Cannon Balls
  3. Clueless Alewife - Sloop - Admiral - 10 Fine Rum - 40 Small Cannonballs
  4. Closed Guppy - Sloop - Ashkelon Arch - 10 Fine Rum - 40 Small Cannon Balls
  5. Moral Stickleback - Longship - Wensleydale - 20 Fine Rum - 50 Medium Cannon Balls
  6. Fascinating Needlefish - Baghlagh - Wensleydale - 20 Fine Rum - 50 Medium Cannon Balls
  7. Wrong Mako - War Brig - Isle of Kent - 20 Fine Rum - 50 Medium Cannon Balls
  8. Solid Guppy - Sloop - Wensleydale - 20 Fine Rum - 100 Small Cannon Balls
  9. Crazy Hagfish - Baghlagh - Admiral (thanks Pokerdemon). Please restock as you found her.
  10. Hungry Muskellunge - Scrimshaw

Please restock after use. Failure to restock will result in being banned from using these ships (be fair to everyone).

I have setup an email address if you want to ask me something, or for any reason at all. (Spamming will not be tolerated :). My email address is;

Cheers, Captain Jingo...

Promotion requirements

"Piracy Skills" Definition = Carpentry, Bilge, Sails, Rumble, and Sword Fighting

Pirate: All members become pirates

Officer: At least 3 broads that are Distinguished or better in Piracy Skills

Fleet officer: At least 3 broads that are Respected or better in Piracy Skills, and Distinguished at BNAV

Senior officer: At least 3 broads with 2 that are Master or better in Piracy Skills, Master at Guns and Master at BNAV

External links

Crew website/forums