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Familiars Won

Demonyaj is a former fleet officer in Bovine Intervention on the Midnight Ocean. He is known for his fleet of Angelfish. Currently semi-retired on Midnight, also had short stints with the crews Black Death, Dioses Y Demonios, and Misfit Marauders in between time spent in Bovine Intervention. Demonyaj has happily settled down in Llyr's Pact. He was also in the lineup for more than half the matches for Bleak Death in their title winning OCL season five campaign.

Demonyaj is fully active on the Viridian Ocean. He used to be one of the senior officers of Black Plague, and a lord in the flag Children of Chaos. He is now a senior officer of the crew Silent Edge of Heaven.

He is also the owner of the first familiar on the Viridian Ocean (a purple octopus), won in the August 2005 duty puzzle bakeoff on that ocean. The octopus must have been lonely, because one month later, he won Viridian's second bakeoff (in sailing) with a perfect score (30), claiming a peach monkey as his prize.

On 24 December 2005, he became the first swordfighter to achieve Sublime experience on two separate servers, reaching that level of experience on the Viridian Ocean.

Demonyaj is the owner of the Sword in the Stone inn on Tigerleaf Mountain, acquired in March 2006.

Sneaking over to the Hunter Ocean, he finished first in Hunter's first sailing bakeoff in June 2006, adding Skysurge, an orange monkey, to his collection.