Death Hunters

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Death Hunters at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Bloodydeath
Senior Officer(s) Cookycookie, Jakeipoo
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Booching Blaggards
Founded 10 January, 2008
Disbanded as of 3 February, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Death Hunters.jpg

Death Hunters is a crew on the Midnight Ocean.

Crew History

The crew Death Hunters started sometime in 2006, but was disbanded, then remade on 1/10/08. It has had its ups and downs, but each of the members has accomplished something with a different crew. When they are all together it is a unstoppable force though. Bloodydeath is the captain, with Cookycookie as second in command.


Bloodydeath- Bloodydeath is one of the best pirates in the ocean. He's a loyal hard worker and a great captain Bloodydeath will make you smile everday. He has achieved a lot; he has a successful crew and crew mates who care for him very much. Bloodydeath in one word summed up is amazing!

Cookycookie- Well what can you say have you ever met someone more loveable then Cookycookie. Yes she's the one you can always go running to. She's done it all, and if ye need help she's there. Cookycookie and her husband (Bloodydeath) are the captains of the crew. So lets take a look at her piraty acolompishments she is a incred magnet.

Public Statement

We're back! Join us on the Hunt for Death!

Extended Public Statement

Welcome to the crew that hunts death! We be a fair crew looking to grow, gain stats, explore, make friends, and have fun! If ye be wanting to have any of the above, this is the crew for ye!


1. Respect Higher Ranks and Everyone in General.

2. Obey Orders by Commanding officers.

3. Have Fun!

4. No Swear Words, or being Rude to other people.

5. No Challenging or Trading on Deck During a Pilly. Fail to Comply will result in the meeting of the PLANK!!

6. HAVE FUN!!! !!!

Crew Shops and Stalls

Current Title-Holding Members

Bloodydeath - Diplomat

Cookycookie - First Mate

Bobtmonkey - Lieutenant

Qe - Siren

Clonesclone - Monster Hunter

Happytree - Wench