Dartwith (Midnight)

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Dartwith at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Dartwith of Le Freccette
Member crew(s) Le Freccette, Hot-Cross Bunzys, Rebel Arms
Founded 23 February, 2009
Disbanded as of 1 July, 2009
Favicon.png Flag Info

Dartwith was a flag on the Midnight Ocean. The flag has disbanded.

Last known governing body


One day Dartwith, the current captain of Le Freccette, was sitting on Alpha docks when he realized something about his niche in Puzzle Pirates. He had done everything there was to do in the game except one: govern a successful flag. Well no better time to start than now! He promptly got in touch with two of the main driving forces behind Le Freccette- Obaba and Xanth. They were on board with bringing the proudly independent crew under a flag for the fun of it. Now to think of a name... On the Frec forums he posted a "Name Our Flag!" thread. "Name it Dartwith" was the simple post by Sharuka that tickled the fancy (and ego) of Dartwith enough to form that very minute.

Hard part done, Dart turned his attention to building the flag. Contacting his old and trusted hearty Carribean he proposed a joining of forces. Carri left her old flag Elysian Fields and stepped up to princess of flag Dartwith.

Just around the same time that Carri and Dart were searching for trusted friends to join the flag, an old hearty and mate of Le Freccette was making a crew of her own. Enter Zealousbuns, who was in dire need for a flag to call her home. She had a few offers in front of her, but all were laced with politics. When Dart offered her a join, she couldn't control her button-clicking finger. A flag with only the love of the game in mind is what she needed.

Now that a force to be reckoned with had been assembled, the flag turned to building fame and fortune. Pillaging the high seas together and making fast friends with one another.

After a time Koijin, a Le Freccette fleet officer, left the Frec to make his own elite pillaging machine. Rebel Arms under Jin joined the flag on March 20, 2009.

On March 23, 2009 Carribean took her crew Carribean Cruise Lines out of Dartwith for personal reasons

On March 25 Zealousbuns left the game for unknown real life issues. Her crew merged with Carribean Cruise Lines.

When Dart found out he had a fit of rage and tried throwing his laptop out the window. When he had calmed himself he logged on, disbanded the short lived dream of flag Dartwith, and went on with his piratey life.