Dallas Meetup May 2008

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time to party! We will be holding a Pirate meetup in Dallas, Texas this year. The dates for this event will run Friday, May 16th through Sunday, May 18th 2008 and is hosted by our very own Silkprincess and company. Anyone and everyone is invited to attend and bring along friends.

Please note: This event is not officially sponsored or sanctioned by OOO Design Inc. Therefore they claim no liability or responsibility for any problems, complaints, or miscellaneous arguments therein.

The Details

Most of the following details have been decided and are solid but stay tuned to this page for any changes, updates, or reminders. To voice your opinion on any changes or ideas, please follow this link to the meetup planning forums. The general discussion is for the main forums is here. Please note: While there are many people helping with certain areas of the planning and/ or contributing thoughts and ideas, please contact either Silk or Annaleese with any questions. Firedance can assist with any questions about the location if Silk and Annaleese cannot be located, MadMaddieMae and Juliah can also answer general questions. If you need assistance, these are the people who can best help you.

Going? Can't go and want the shirt? - Check it out: http://www.cafepress.com/dallas_party


The meetup will span the dates of Friday, May 16th through Sunday May 18th. We estimate that people should start arriving and claiming their rooms around 9:00 AM on Friday morning and that checkout will be approximately 11:00 AM Sunday morning.


The meetup will be held in Dallas, Texas at the MD Resort Bed and Breakfast of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas Metroplex. As of right now, we have reserved the Ranch House with the Bunk House as overflow accommodating up to 50 occupants in beds, cots, and floor space. Spots will be on a first come first serve basis so register as soon as you know you can go!


The price for this weekend's festivities will be $100.00 USD which will include:

  • Your bed for Friday night.
  • Your bed for Saturday night.
  • Your breakfast Saturday morning.
  • Your supper Saturday night.
  • Your breakfast Sunday morning.
  • A chance to hobnob with some of Dallas' finest pirates and piratesses!

Payment can be sent via check or PM me on the Y!PP forums with your email address so I can send you an invoice.

Please note: This price is good for anyone who pays ahead of time (by May 6th). Price at the door without pre-registration is $115.00.

What You Will Have to Bring

  • Your own beverages. (Sodas, bottled water, drinks of a spirituous nature.)
  • Ice chest for those items you'd like to remain chilled. (We have a regular-sized refrigerator available to us in the regular-sized kitchen.)
  • Likewise, your own snacks and munchies.
  • An item to auction off in the pirate auction. Similar to the one held at the Pittsburg meetup. Less than $10, homemade foodstuffs are acceptable.
  • Hair conditioner if you use it.
  • Sunscreen and a swim suit for pool time.
  • Spending money for lunch, souvenirs, etc...
  • Any prescription or generic medication you might require.

What You Won't Have to Bring

The following will be supplied by the resort.

  • Sheets/bed/cot or other sleeping apparatus.
  • Towels or linens.
  • Hotel branded shampoo and body soap. (In other words, if your sensitive skin just can't take the cheap stuff, bring your own.)
  • Any other common hotel amenity.

Schedule of Events

As of right now, the event schedule is TBA. If you are interested in attending, then please head over here and post in the event suggestion and planning section of the meetup forums. The schedule will be derived from the ideas made there.


May 16 - 9:00 AM - Guests may begin to arrive. Scavenger hunt, supper, and introductions. (A few of us are paying for Thursday night, as well. If you're interested in arriving even earlier, please let us know via a PM.)

May 17 - Breakfast, ROMS game, Battle Nav via Trivia, Lunch on your own, Pirate Costume Competition (optional), Group Photo, Supper, Auction, Karaoke

May 18 - 11:00 AM - We need to be out. (Those of you that have flights for Monday morning, as previously discussed, can stay an extra 24 hours for an extra $25.) Breakfast will be provided.


We've rented the Ranch House and Bunk House of a large Resort/ Bed & Breakfast complex for the weekend. There is also a pool on the property.

Main Lodge: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/chemicalgirl/Pirates/MainLodge.jpg Pool: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/chemicalgirl/Pirates/pool-sm.jpg Party Barn: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v465/chemicalgirl/Pirates/barn1sm.jpg

Ranch House

The Ranch House itself has 4 bedrooms which will be sleeping 3-5 people. We'll have 2 large "playrooms" in the house, a full kitchen, 2 1/2 bathrooms, and lots of space and privacy. This will be the main area for the party.

Bunk House

The Bunk House sleeps up to 15 people in Bunk Beds, set up in a kind of summer camp layout. It has it's own kitchen and shower. This is halfway between the Main Lodge (where the pool is) and the Ranch House (where the party is).


These rooms are not reserved for the party. If you'd like to reserve one of the three suites you will need to call the Resort directly. They cost between $229-299 per night but we've obtained a %10 discount for the Puzzle Pirates party. PM Chemicalgirl for the Resort's number.

Private Rooms

We cannot guarantee a private room. If you absolutely must have a private room and are willing to pay extra, you can rent a room in the main lodge of the bed and breakfast or in the Cottage. The rooms run between $150 - $300 per night. (That's why we're in the Ranch House and not the Lodge!) These rooms are extremely nice and include a private bath. If you're looking for a romantic getaway in the middle of the landlocked pirate party, here's your chance.

As of now, you'd still need to pay the $100 fee for attendance in addition to the B&B, but if anyone chooses to room at the Lodge, we may require a smaller fee instead. Our contact at the lodge also might give us a reduced rate if many of you choose this option.

PM Chemicalgirl if you're interested in getting one of these rooms. The Lodge is a short walk from the Ranch House.


The exact address for the location is 601 Old Base Road; Aurora, TX.

From DFW Airport: Exit the airport via the North Exit and take 114 westbound. You'll drive through Grapevine, Southlake, and Trophy Club, and then you'll drive past Roanoke, Justin, and Rhome. Highway 114 Westbound will merge with South bound highway 287 for about a mile. Take the Bridgeport exit. At the intersection, you will make a left (there will be an Exxon station across the intersection from you). Continue along this highway for about 2 more miles. After you pass Aurora Baptist Church, you will see a large white sign on the left near the base of the hill. This is Old Base Road. Turn left and follow the signs to the property. The Ranch House we've rented is at the front of the Resort.

From Love Field (Airport that Southwest flies into): Exit the airport and take a left onto North bound Lemon Avenue. Take a left onto West bound Northwest Highway. This eventually turns into Westbound highway 114 at DFW. Follow this highway to Aurora. You'll drive through Grapevine, Southlake, and Trophy Club, and then you'll drive past Roanoke, Justin, and Rhome. Highway 114 Westbound will merge with South bound highway 287 for about a mile. Take the Bridgeport exit. At the intersection, you will make a left (there will be an Exxon station across the intersection from you). Continue along this highway for about 2 more miles. After you pass Aurora Baptist Church, you will see a large white sign on the left near the base of the hill. This is Old Base Road. Follow the signs to the party.

From Austin: Travel Time is approximately 3.5 - 4 hours. According to Juliah, take I-35W until you hit 81/287 and take that west, then take the exit for 114.


Everyone who wants to is invited to attend as are husbands, wives, and significant others. If you are bringing a guest who does not play Puzzle Pirates, please list your name first, a comma, then their name right after so we know you are together. If you would like to reserve a spot for the meetup, please follow the following instructions:

  • Step 1 - Copy the following text to your clipboard: {{Piratemeet|Pirate=PIRATENAME|Forum=FORUM USER NAME|21=yes/no}}
  • Step 2 - Follow this link.
  • Step 3 - Paste text template at the end of the list for your appropriate ocean. Replace PIRATENAME with your main pirate's name, FORUM USER NAME with the user name you have on the YPP forums, and enter either yes or no (lower case letters) for 18 and over.
  • Step 4 - Save the changes. You are now registered for the Dallas Pirate Meetup 2008.
  • Step 5 - Send in your payment to the address (to be listed within 24-hours.) This will reserve your spot for the party.

Please note, your slot is not fully reserved until payment is received.

  • We're working on setting up a Google Account for payments, or you can PM Silkprincess for the address to send payment.

Registered Guests

Green font indicates this person has reserved their place with payment.


  • Gothmog Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • xedre Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png


  • Nooram Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Rapportus Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png
  • Shortnmouthy Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Tunacan Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

~ Silk's hubby! O.o


  • Bendeall Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png
Don't tell me my business devil woman.

  • Silkprincess Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Annaleese Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Firedance Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Flutie Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Sigilwen Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png

  • Labradonis Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Juliah Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • MadMaddieMae Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Stuyvesant Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Lizthegrey Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png

  • Leif Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Mistymate Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Queenoswords Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Shortyjack Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Ryahawk Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png

(tentative, I do not get my schedule for May until the end of APR)

  • Erfan Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png
I'm there 100%!

  • Johnjuan Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Beckyblue Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • ToryTatertot, +1 Guest Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png
  • Faithfuless Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Dracon Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Stormmutant Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png
Texas! Yay!

  • Robberbaron Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png



  • Jeethro Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Cassiopeias Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Arghhbreath Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png

  • Analisa Art-Ponytailguy-18icon.png

(Tenative, must confirm scedule for college and hire babysitter for the kiddos)

  • Ladymelo Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png


  • Robarrght Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Mizzenmiss Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Trypodron Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Madmadethel Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Longtooth Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

  • Dagmara Art-Ponytailguy-21icon.png

Car Pools

Add your pirate name if you have a car and will take on passengers. Include how many you can squeeze in, please!

Jeethro- I will have my pick up room for 3 rednecks :þ

DFW Airport (DFW)

Jeethro i will be at DFW on friday picking up someone at around 5pm then taking them back around 6AM sunday send me an email if ya need a ride jeethro@imperial-rednecks.com

Silk, Thursday night (3) - Annaleese, Erfan, and Liz

Faithfuless showing up @ the airport around Noon on the 16 and needs to be back lil b4 noon on the 18 with no ride :(

Stormmutant - I have a car and can take 3 people after I get off work on Friday from DFW Airport to the resort. I can bring you back on Sunday Faithfuless. Cheer up. =)

Love Field Airport (DAL)

New Orleans

Grimacejr drives a truck

Kansas City Area


After Party Quotes

Leif: After THAT conversation, MY sails are sparkling.

Silk: He said I tasted like car keys. I guess that is better than fish..Annaleese: So apparently, Silky's husband likes the taste of metal.

Silk: Stu, are you telling me you can't rise to the challenge.

Annaleese: Clearly, you have made some bad decisions.

Silk: Scupper you! I taste like car keys, and I am tasty! Stu: You taste like Guantanomo Bay.

Silk; Um, I don't puke. I have no gag reflex.

ShortyJack: Someone is sleeping in the closet!

Erfan: There are some positions - like the piledriver - that look cool, but just shouldn't be done.

10 mins later - ShortyJack: Wait, what is a piledriver?

Leif: If you don't like a monkey in your face, I think you are at the wrong party.

Erfan: I position myself appropriately.

Madmaddiemae: My boobs are NOT squish toys!

Madmaddiemae: (during Apples to Apples) Jack the Ripper only killed 6 people. I am going with gang members, they kill more.

Dracon: I think I came in the wrong end.

Juliah: Who did my body?

Tunacan: (following the donkey's making noise) Sounds like someone is having fun..

Stu: Scupper you, Texas!

Stormmutant: I love you Stu!!

Stu: $22 and a pirate in my ass.

Labradonis to Erfan: I thought you were better than swatting balls that that.


Juliah: Balls..or handcuffs?

Erfan: Gimme your barnacle! I'm not gonna bend..

Arghhbreath: I am so going to blow that - wait, I can explain..

Shortyjack: (slightly slurred) Apples is apples is OVER!

Labradonis: (during Apples to Apples) I picked Oral Surgery..Annaleese: Yes! Labradonis: Because I like it when people have their mouths wide open. Annaleese and Juliah: (looking at Rapportus) Well, with that little beard it could be useful.

Arghhbreath: I wanted it to be the Sex Barn, but I didn't have a pen.

Labradonis: Death, death, food, and Nazis

Robarraght: We need to get a donkey.

ShortyJack: (drunkenly coming up with words) Ret. Leif: Use that in a sentence. ShortyJack: I ret Erfan last night. Leif: All over her face.

Erfan: I was almost just smothered with her boobs.

Stormmutant: Stop poking me with your trident.

Leif: Your pubes are all astray.

Labradonis: (sarcastically) Actually, the sun has burnt out and we only have a few hours to live. Rapportus: Its the Apocolicks!

Erfan, Annaleese, Juliah, and Shortyjack: That was CLEARLY yours.

Everyone: SJ, I can see your ass crack!

Nooram: Don't scupper up! Don't scupper up!

Stu: I have never felt this emasculated in my life!

Stu: If you value your ass, do NOT let Erfan win these paddles.

Juliah: I'm just trying to protect my ass here!

Leif: I'm getting flaming flotsam all over you.

Juliah: My squirter isn't working.

ShortyJack: Gah, from now on I'm just going to play with myself.

Mistymate: Leif! I'm all wet and I need your help!

Erfan: Flutie is the official ball getter.

Leif: We should be tossing salads.

Liz: Doesn't everyone make sounds when they are poked.

Erfan: Take it bitch! Liz: Yes ma'am!

Fixation: There is spaghetti on my pants. Annaleese (overhearing) You have what in your pants?!

Note: Content has been filtered to protect the innocent.