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Moomintroll, formerly known as Youngking, is a pirate who inhabits the Meridian Ocean. Prior to the ocean merge, he could be found on the Viridian Ocean.

He is currently a senior officer of the crew Ocean Blue, and a member of the fine flag Dutch Glory. He may be found sailing the fierce waves far out to sea, clobbering various unsuspecting brigands on the noggin and relieving them of their vast riches; or perhaps in an inn, drinking deep into the night, rattling off yarns to eager listeners, in his chair by the fire. He is a keen Spades player, and may often be heard announcing a game by yelling "Spades!" into the immediate environs with varying numbers of exclamation marks.


Youngking was washed ashore on Fintan Island on the Viridian Ocean on 17th March '06. He later relocated to the Jade Archipelago for access to the more populated islands.

His first proper crew was Colombia Fighter. Here he began to learn the ways of pirate life under the fine tutelage of Yuduys and his captain, Simno, who has since made a return to the ocean.

Wanting to see what life in the larger crews would be like, he joined Hellas as an officer and worked his way up to senior officer. He was also made lord of the flag Spartans.

After a short break from the game, Youngking became a prince of Greek Spartans. He subsequently left for Chaos's Destiny, in which he also became a prince. Youngking took up the captainship of Hellas from its former captain, Crx, on the 10th of March 2009.

Youngking became a one-eyed lunatic on the morning of the 20th of June 2011, having swum ashore during the glorious attempted defence of Garden Cradle against Puzzleholics Anonymous.

Youngking joined the fine crew Vengeance of Poseidon, under the captaincy of Virani, sometime during April 2012. He later took up the captaincy himself in May 2012, and became a royal of the flag Coherent Insanity the following month. However in August he stepped down, both as captain and as royal, to focus on real life matters.

He lost the use of his left hand at around 7pm in the Crimson Island blockade on the evening of the 27th May 2012. This did not inconvenience Youngking too much, however, given that all pirates are right-handed so far as swordfighting and rumble are concerned.

In 2013 Youngking joined many crews, notably Exodus and Shaken not Stirred. Additionally, he joined forces with GOGL and its captain Golfboy for the summer of 2013. He settled down as proud member of The Rum Rats in autumn 2013.

Youngking lost his right leg on the 15th February 2014, during the attempted takeover of Cochineal Island by the mighty Rum Soaked Devils. Initially it was thought that Minishark had eaten it, but no blame can be attached because Minishark was definitely offline at the time.

Youngking changed his name to Moomintroll on the 16th February 2014 to reflect his fondness for the novels by Tove Jansson.

In late 2015 he took up a position as senior officer in Ocean Blue along with captain and partner in piratey crime Justc.


Moomintroll enjoys helping players, whether they be greenies or old salts, with many aspects of the game - although his knowledge of shoppe-keeping is abysmal. He actively answers queries on any topic via the greeter chat (except shoppe-keeping, obviously), but wishes people would check the YPPedia first.

He also strives to collect as many historically-themed renamed vessels as possible. One acquisition he is most proud of is a war brig named for the legendary Vengeur du Peuple. Another is a fanchuan, the SS Great Britain, named for the first iron steamship to make the Atlantic crossing.

Moomintroll is ridiculously fond of the gunnery puzzle and has occasionally been seen gunning in blockades, as well as on small vessels for crew pillages. Moomintroll enjoys friendly competition with fellow gunners but is a strong critic of gun-sitting and training the gunnery stat with the navy; he believes that the best gunner is one able to load quickly and efficiently across a variety of boards in the heat of battle.

When he is not at sea, Moomintroll can often be found at a Spades table.

Moomintroll has long wanted to be able to run searches for crew ships in more interesting ways. For instance, he has been asked many times by crewmates where the nearest ship of a particular kind to a particular island is, only to have to reply that he does not know. To this end he released Where's That Ship, a third-party tool which lets pirates do just that.