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Crucible is a new character of the pirate Lsr. He plays on the Viridian ocean.

Like his predecessor, he joined Roses Of Sharayn first,and he quickly rose through the ranks to become on officer; at this point, the crew did not know he was their former crewmate and captain. After a short stint of anonymity, he revealed his true origins, and attempted to raise his stats to the level they once were.

He soon became a senior officer of Roses Of Sharayn, but after becoming displeased with the way the crew was being run, left to join Polish War Fog for a short amount of time. However, he soon returned to the Roses, once again becoming a senior officer under the new captain, Crystaldonut. On January the 15th, he became king of the United Corsairs, and his current goal is to raise the flag to new heights of power.

He is known to pillage Dragon's Nest to Tigerleaf Mountain on his beloved sloop, the Chain Lightning.


  • Ultimate Bilging - consistent top 20, often top 10
  • Highest ranked battle navigator in Garnet Archipelago, 27th on the ocean, 27/12/2006
  • Legendary in all piracy stats
  • King of United Corsairs
  • Prince of United Corsairs (former)
  • Senior officer of Roses Of Sharayn


Lsr is a fleet officer and strategist of the crew Roses Of Sharayn and a member of the flag United Corsairs. He sails the Viridian Ocean.


Lsr first played the game around the start of July 2006, when he was introduced to it by two friends. He is currently fleet officer of the crew Roses Of Sharayn. He was made captain when the previous captain became dormant due to computer issues, and was voted in on 14 September 2006. He was demoted after the previous captain came back.

Lsr has been with the Roses since first starting the game. He was a consistent ultimate bilger, and hoped to someday reach first in the Viridian rankings. He managed a successful stall, and owned two sloops. Lsr also owned a merchant brig, as he shipped commodities between islands in the Jade Archipelago.

He is now retired from the game.