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Cooldragon is a fleet officer of the crew Livestrong and used to be the former captain of the crew Simple Plan (Now disbanded). He is a member of the flag Black Flag. Cooldragon is active in the forums and loves competing in contests and tournaments. He specially loves joining the local forum events.



  • Cooldragon's Townhouse on Admiral Island


Cooldragon was first a pirate of the crew Ottoman Empire, who flew the flag Ottoman Armada. He later got tired of the crew and left, hoping to catch another one. After numerous pillages, he finally became a pirate of the crew, Simple Plan, who at first had another name (currently unknown). Slowly working his way up the ranks, he eventually became captain of the crew after its former captain quit the game. Afterwards, he quit Puzzle Pirates for four years, but has returned, and is currently in the crew, Livestrong.