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Cogitatus is a pirate hailing from the East of the Cerulean Ocean (formerly from the Midnight Ocean) and currently active on the Emerald Ocean. Previously, he used to go by the name Devanille, was Ankher and Sno on the Midnight Ocean, and Dymas and Snow on the Cobalt Ocean. On the Obsidian Ocean, he goes by Max.

Previous accomplishments and activities


Cobalt Ocean

Late in 2004, the pirate Dymas found himself lost among the shores of Lima Island, one of the many islands hosted by the Cobalt Ocean. Naive and particularly young at the time, Dymas struggled getting around both socially and physically. But despite the circumstance, Dymas still managed to make hearties with others who were also new to the sea, one of which being Yeoldsalt. The two would continue on pillaging and pilfering the Cobalt Ocean together and, eventually, both pirates would develop the ambition to start a new crew together, with Yeoldsalt as the captain. Dymas, now a freshly new first mate of a just as new crew, would begin either wreaking havoc and harassing the pirate community around him or drawing in a peculiar crowd that didn't mind his obnoxious and ignorant charm.

With his little experience as senior officer and first mate, Dymas made the decision to buy a sloop and start his own crew. This would not divide the two and true hearties, however, and both would rarely participate in activities without one another. Unfortunately, it would not last as Yeoldsalt would later go dormant, never but once to be seen again. Dymas, as upset as he was, still resumed his duties as captain and still kept bonds between other mates. His crew would declare allegiance to its new flag, The Roar Of The Waves, for a short while until finally making his own, the Arctic Regal. His history would soon dismally share the same fate as his hearty after much tension and his poor decision making as king, captain, and friend would drive him into hiding before finally leaving the Cobalt Ocean for good.

Midnight Ocean

It would be years later when Dymas would not return to the Cobalt Ocean but, instead, arrive to the more alien Midnight Ocean; this time as Sno. Again, his ambitions drove him to start his own crew and flag in this ocean as well - but not for long. He would later begin struggling, as he did his first days as a pirate, hopping island to island and crew to crew. Eventually around the time he began going around known as Ankher he, fortunately enough, finally found a crew that he would hold dear to him for the first time in a long while: Ocean's Shadow. There he found himself surrounded by many other pirates whom he could call hearties and would strive further than he had ever have. When the Ocean's Shadow left its own flag, Misfits Inc, for Anchor Managment, Ankher would rise even further and earn a position as lord. Again, though, the winds of fate did not bode well and misfortune would later drive Ankher away once again through tension and into a short hiatus.

Finally, Ankher would begin going by Devanille (from De Vanille, French for of vanilla) and was, again, without a crew and flag. It was at this time he would eventually call the crew, Spirits of the Wind, and flag, Delightfully Demented, his home.

Cerulean Ocean

Continuing from where he had left off in Midnight, Devanille continued activity in the Cerulean on the Eastern waters - resulting after the route between the Midnight and Cobalt merged the two oceans into one.

During March of 2013, Devanille left Spirits of the Winds for personal reasons and headed off to found The Smugglers' Guild on the Cerulean Ocean and change his name to Cogitatus.

Emerald Ocean

Sometime afterwards, Cogitatus has strings of breaks when the decreasing population of the Cerulean began taking a toll on his experience as a pirate. His activity slowed until, most recently, finding himself on the Emerald Ocean where more pirates resided. Finding a crew would prove difficult for him however, spending some time as an officer in multiple crews until finally deciding to go it alone for now, occasionally returning to relive memories on the seas and with his comrades.

Obsidian Ocean

Outside the increasingly calm waters of the oceans, Cogitatus would regular the popular notice board, Reddit, for news and musings. From here, in the summer of June 2017, he would learn of the discovery of the darker tides of the Obsidian Ocean. Like many other pirates at the time, he grew excited for a chance at new adventure and joined with his fellow pirates in preparation before passage to the Dark Seas became available. These new comrades would found the crew, Novus Lux, with the rank of officer and under the new moniker, Max.

Despite the crew's enthusiasm, interest would wane shortly into its lifespan and most of his crew mates, including their captain, Vision, would be resigned to inactivity. Max's focus would eventually abandon the crew as well, seeing no future in the promised waters of the Dark Sea. The Obsidian Ocean would remain active for another year, but it, too, would become silent.

Recent Activity

Cogitatus would return to his original name and the Emerald Ocean. Though it has been years since the events on the Dark Seas and his visits to Emerald are infrequent, he has continued to communicate with other pirates who have come together to create their own community through the magical services of Discord and discuss matters of the oceans from a distance.

Alt. status

Cerulean Ocean

  • Ankher is currently a part of Misfits of Midnight, a revival of one of Devanille's original crews, Ocean's Shadow.
  • Sno is currently part of Spirits of the Winds.
  • Chuknorris is no one's alt!


  • Cogitatus's favorite duty puzzle aboard a ship is lazing about.
  • His other favorites are Sailing and Gunnery.
  • Must have his collection of PoE divisible by 25.
  • Birthday is on the second of September.
  • Favorite color is probably periwinkle.
  • Loves corgis.