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Chunkoha is a senior officer of the crew Party in my Pants and member of the flag What A Ride. She sails the Viridian Ocean.

Chunkoha was originally captain of the crew Aftermath and queen and founder of the flag Requiem of Command. After having her position stolen during a break from gameplay, the thief disbanded her flag and took over the crew, telling the crew members that she had quit the game. She returned, and eventually regained control of the crew, immediately merging it with Demons of the Deep, and ending her leadership career.

After spending some time as a senior officer with Demons of the Deep and as a lady of the flag Brink of Dawn, Chunkoha found a new crew which had taken up her old crew's name, Aftermath. Its flag was South of Sanity. (The new crew is now known as Yes. She joined it out of nostalgia, and quickly rose in ranks there as well.

She eventually found that the crew Party in my Pants, led by Aarachel, appealed to her more, and now a senior officer there, and a member of the flag What A Ride.

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