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|Royal Blue
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Obtained from special events,
gold boxes, black boxes,
Cursed Isles, Atlantis,
trading posts
Doubloon cost: n/a

A chroma is a one-use item which is used to change a single color on a single item of clothing to the color of the chroma. They were first seen during the Harvest Celebration Promotion, where there was a 10% chance to win one in wine, a new limited-edition color, by purchasing doubloons or a subscription during the promotion period. A chroma can be used for any clothing item except those which are untradeable (such as the savvy hat), those with no color options (such as the viking helmet), or familiars. Chromas do not decay, and do not change the age of clothing items they are used on (for example, an old item will still be old after recoloring).


Using a wine-colored chroma

Chromas are found in the miscellaneous section of the booty panel. To use, simply click on the chroma and select "use chroma". A box will pop up (shown below) with a space for an item - the item to be colored should be dragged from the booty panel into the space. The clothing will be displayed in the box, colored as it will appear after the chroma is applied. If the clothing has multiple color options, radio buttons will appear allowing the primary or secondary color to be selected. A successful recoloring will use up the chroma.

Recoloring the primary color of a pair of pantaloons to wine

A chroma cannot be used on a clothing item currently being worn. If the item in question is the pirate's only shirt or pants, they would need to acquire another item so that they could remove the item they want to recolor. If an item is dragged onto the box which a chroma cannot be used on, then nothing will happen - the item cannot be placed in the box. Lastly, if a pirate attempts to use a chroma on an item (or one color of a two-color item) which is already the color of the chroma, then a message will appear reading "Error recoloring item: Silly pirate, that's already that color!" Note that both colors of a two-color item may be changed to the same color, using separate chromas one at a time.

Chroma colors


Color First seen Obtained from
Atlantean release 2009-12-08 Atlantis, trading posts
Banana Banana Box Madness Promotion Gold boxes (June)
Black release 2010-03-09 Black boxes, Kraken
Chocolate Chocolate Mystery Box Promotion Gold boxes (October), trading posts
Emerald Fox Box Promotion Fox boxes
Gold release 2010-03-09 Gold boxes, black boxes
Ice blue Winter Mystery Promotion Gold boxes (February), trading posts
Indigo release 2009-12-08 Cursed Isles, trading posts
Inky release 2014-07-29 Kraken
Lime Booch Box Promotion 2015 Booch boxes (2015, 2016)
Magenta Booch Box Promotion 2014 Booch boxes (2014)
Night blue release 2010-08-24 Haunted Seas, trading posts
Persimmon release 2009-07-01 Unknown
Plum Plum Mystery Box Promotion Gold boxes (August), trading posts
Royal Blue November 2013 Monthly Rewards Program
Sea green release 2010-01-20 Trading posts
Silver release 2016-09-28 Greedy brigands
Spring green Spring Surprise Promotion Gold boxes (April), trading posts
Wine Harvest Celebration Promotion Gold boxes (December), trading posts

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