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Chicka is a pirate who plays mainly on the Cobalt Ocean. She is currently a senior officer of the crew Stark Raving Mad of the flag Dark Asylum.


Chicka started off her piratey career on the Cobalt ocean August 1, 2005. She quickly found that she had a knack for shopkeeping. She has owned or managed a stall of every type at one point or another. Tho she enjoys other aspects of the game, she makes most of her poe by shopkeeping. Chicka spends most of her time these days running her various stalls and her shop Baskets & Caskets and is often found sleeping at her desk.

Chicka joined several crews as a greenie before settling down with the crew Lunar Eclipse, under the flag Bad Moon Rising. She quickly made her way to senior officer and upon the retirement of Sanilla was made captain and queen. The crew and flag struggled to stay together after Sanilla left for several months before it was eventually disbanded.

Chicka then moved on to join Aaronray and his crew Rocking the Boat, which was under the flag Running With Scissors. It wasn't long before she was made captain of the crew and royalty in the flag. With the help of Aaronray the crew grew in size and became one of the highest famed crews on the ocean.

From Rocking The Boat Chicka moved on to join the crew Lost under the flag A Song For The Deaf. It was there that she gained a love for war and pvp. At some point she was made captain while Yorkyblue was away. It was in Lost that she made her greatest friends and worst enemies. After the fall of Lost, Chicka has struggled to find a crew to call home.

Doll Collection

Hypnos doll Trinket-Hypnos doll.png
Roparzh doll Trinket-Roparzh doll.png