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Cheezits is captain and flirt of her crew, Thnks fr th Mmrs. She sails the Hunter Ocean.


Cheezits joined the Puzzle Pirates world in August of 2005, starting out on the Viridian Ocean. Once the Hunter Ocean opened, all her friends decided they were going to switch over to the new ocean.

On Hunter, she joined the crew -Epic-, which was the one most of her friends had joined. The moment her in-game husband, and at the time, real life boyfriend, Redspyke, formed his own crew, The End, she joined as a senior officer. Redspyke then decided he wasn't fit for captaincy, so Cheezits decided to go back to her home crew -Epic-.

Cheezits was a part of -Epic- as a senior officer all the way until its downfall when Deathsenemy left. When that happened, Cheezits decided to join one of her good friends Zeroblaze in -Frozen-. She then came to realize that another large crew was not best for her and was able to convince Wolfpack to make a crew of his own. The moment he did so, Cheezits decided to join his crew, Tooth and Nail.

On March 18th, Cheezits decided that she was going to make her own crew and see how things go from there. Along with some of her close friends, Cheezits made a crew named Subordination and joined the Razorblade Romance flag.

Cheezits loved being in Razorblade Romance, but after some confusion, Cheezits, Redspyke, and Zeroblaze decided to start a flag, Access Denied.

Together in a group effort, Access Denied defeated Barnabas the Pale for Sayers Rock. Cheezits, with the help of Zeroblaze, was able to Admiral her first blockade.

On Saturday, March 8th 2008, Access Denied was defeated by Brynhild Skullsplitter. Soon after this blockade, Redspyke and Cheezits handed over Access Denied and left the flag.

Cheezits has since stepped down from politics.

She has a crew, Thnks fr th Mmrs, but really only logs on to play spades and job in the occasional blockade or CI.