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The following are the entries in the Ultimate Guru tutorial contest.

CONTESTANTS -- if you wish to keep your tutorial linked, please link your own copy of the tutorial to this page. You can do that by putting the following line at the end of your YPPedia page, with two square brackets [[ ]] around it: Category:Event:Ultimate Guru Contest
If you're unsure how to do this, pull up one of the tutorial pages, click 'edit' to see the wiki "source", and look at the end of it.

The "anonymous" tutorial pages and non-linked drafts will be flagged to the YPPedia admins for deletion at the end of the month.

The tutorials have received the following scores (out of 100) from the judges. Details are at the top of each entry:
Tutorial 1 -- 91.00
Tutorial 2 -- 43.00
Tutorial 3 -- 91.83
Tutorial 4 -- 87.67
Tutorial 5 -- 69.67
Tutorial 6 -- late
Tutorial 7 -- 58.00
Tutorial 8 -- 58.33

The judges have determined that the cut-off for "prize-worthiness" is 65, so tutorials 1, 3, 4 and 5 qualify for consideration.

Category A (duty stations) -- 3, 4
Category B (shop puzzles) -- none submitted
Category C (tourney puzzles) -- none qualified
Category D (other) -- 1, 5

3 & 4 win category A; 1 wins category D; 5 wins one of the wild-card slots.

First place -- Tutorial 3: Carpentry
Second place -- Tutorial 1: Whirls
Third place -- Tutorial 4: Bilging
Honorable mention -- Tutorial 5: Shopkeeping

I've received the prizes from the OMs to distribute to you -- please contact me in-game, or send me a PM or email to let me know good times to find you on-line. I'm rarely on Sage or Midnight, so find me on Viridian if you need to find me in-game.

First Place

  • A pet pig or turtle
  • A fancy ribbon announcing your guru-ness
  • 20k poe
  • first choice of prize items

Second Place

  • A fancy ribbon announcing your guru-ness
  • 15k poe
  • second choice of prize items

Third Place

  • A fancy ribbon announcing your guru-ness
  • 15k poe
  • third choice of prize items

Honorable Mentions

  • A ribbon announcing your guru-ness
  • 10k poe

Prize Items
a) Green/white painted sloop
b) Sword rack & maroon/maroon armor with sword
c) Fancy wardrobe & dresser

NOTA BENE -- as it turned out, a bit less prize poe was awarded than was donated (as I had to make sure the prizes were structured so that I could cover the maximum-award case). I've calculated the pro-rated return rate... if you did donate to the contest, please contact me in-game so I can refund you an appropriate % of your donation. all left over donations now refunded

If arrangements can be made for a larger & longer Tutorial Contest for later this spring, that will be announced here too.