Caravanserai Island (Sage)

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Important.gif The subject of this article is obsolete and no longer present in the game.
Information presented here may no longer apply to the current game. It is retained primarily for historical interest.
Caravanserai Island
Favicon.png Caravanserai Island on the Sage Ocean
Large island in the Ibis Archipelago
Caravanserai Island (Sage).png

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Controlled by   Allied Saruyama Forces  
Governed by   Sefu
Navy color   White
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Caravanserai Island is a large island located in the Ibis Archipelago. There are three known routes from this island: Arakoua Island, Aten Island, and Kiwara Island.

Natural Resources

This island spawns hemp and sugar cane.


Painted Love (bazaar)
Dye of the Tiger (upgraded)
Enamels Love
Love Potion Number Nine (upgraded)
Smells Like Beard Control Wax (upgraded)
Can Buy Me Dubs
Commodities market 
Whoops, I Bid it Again (upgraded)
Whiskey in the Jar (bazaar)
My Heart Swill Go On (upgraded)
One Rum, One Grog, One Swill
Rum This Moment On
Saturday Rum Fever
Take the Money and Rum (upgraded)
Estate agent 
Build Me Shelter (upgraded)
Desert Rose
Knocking on Heaven's Decor (bazaar)
Chairway to Heaven
Cold Hard Bench
Seven Sofa Army
White Bedding (upgraded)
A Cottage for Sale (right-facing cottage)
Just a Bungalow (left-facing bungalow)
Livin' La Villa Loca (left-facing villa)
Love Shack (left-facing shack)
New York Estate of Mind (right-facing estate)
Nothing Else Manors (left-facing manor)
Row House of the Rising Sun (right-facing row house)
Hotel Caravanserai (upgraded)
Iron monger 
All the Hard Things (bazaar)
Another One Bites The Rust
Cannon Touch This
Cry Me a Cleaver (upgraded)
Great Balls of Iron (upgraded)
Isn't It Ironic (upgraded)
The First Cutter is the Deepest (bazaar)
Brig Pimpin' (upgraded)
Eleanor Frigby (upgraded)
For Whom the Frig Tolls (upgraded)
Frig on a Lease (upgraded)
Gettin' Friggy Wit It (upgraded)
Little Deuce Sloop (upgraded)
Black Clothes Sun (bazaar)
Black Velvet (upgraded)
Blue Suede Shoes
Caress Me Gown (upgraded)
Change Clothes (upgraded)
Ninety-Nine Bandanas (upgraded)
Wild Wild Vest (upgraded)
Wonderwool (bazaar)
The Stitch is Back
Walk the Twine (upgraded)
Weaving All My Love For You
Weaving for a Girl Like You (upgraded)


Caravanserai is governed by Allied Saruyama Forces.


Caravanserai is most likely named for the Arabic word meaning Merchant's Inn, or for the Santana album bearing the same name (in keeping with the song title theme of the island).

At this time, no island inscription can be found, but the distinctive sandy coastline proves that Artemis's hand was behind Caravanserai's design.


Caravanserai I 2006-05-13: Hell's Wrath colonized Caravanserai, defeating Allied Saruyama Forces in a five-round sinking blockade. Allied Saruyama Forces put up a good fight, but Hell's Wrath and their power were able to edge out a victory.

Caravanserai II 2006-05-20: Quixotic Tangent gained Caravanserai Island, defeating the defenders, Hell's Wrath, in a three-round sinking blockade. Hell's Wrath conceded the blockade to Quixotic Tangent at the end of round two.

Caravanserai III 2006-09-02: Quixotic Tangent successfully defended Caravanserai against Candy Coated Chaos in a three-round sinking blockade, outjobbing CCC by around 200 pirates. CCC conceded defeat halfway through round 1, which Quixotic Tangent won by over 300 points. CCC did not contest round 2 or 3 seriously.

On Jan 8, 2007, Caravanserai Island was transferred to Allied Saruyama Forces by Quixotic Tangent.