Canute's Canoes

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Canute's Canoes
Right-facing Shipyard Bazaar on
Jubilee Island (Garnet Archipelago)
Meridian Ocean
Owner Remorse
Erected July 2007
Building-Meridian-Canute's Canoes.png

Canute's Canoes is a shipyard bazaar on Jubilee Island on the Meridian Ocean. It is named for Canute the Great, a Viking warlord who lived in the eleventh century. At one point, he ruled over all of England, Norway, Denmark and part of Sweden, making him the leader of the strongest Viking regime in history.

Prior to the ocean merge in early 2012, the building was located on the Viridian Ocean, where it had been formerly owned by Jimpanzee, Flar and Cheeseplayer.

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