Candy Coated Chaos

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Candy Coated Chaos at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Monarch Korr of The Lost Lot
Member crew(s) Black Dragons, The Lost Lot, Pernix Adaeque Simius, Morbid Dreams, Evil Plots Inc, Obsidian Daggers
Island controlled

Kiwara Island

Wars None
Last updated on 25 February, 2007

Founded by Inanna on 12 June 2006, Candy Coated Chaos is a flag of the Sage Ocean.

Public Statement

Sweet, Sugary, occasionally crispy or nutty and a little bit wild.

No, we don't want to join your crew/flag/alliance.

Ask politely and intelligibly if you're interested in joining us. If you cannot form a coherent sentence, the answer will automatically be no. Sorry.

If you want to know how we feel about anything, please feel free to ask, we're very friendly people.

Cookies for everyone!


Candy Coated Chaos was formed shortly after its crew Pernix Adaeque Simius left the flag Quixotic Tangent. Certifiable Cephalopods was the first crew to join the flag (after Pernix). Black Dragons joined some time later. On 4 September 2006, Morbid Dreams also decided to join. In the month of October 2006, Twilight joined the flag after the de facto disbandment of Lunatic Fringe. On November 19, 2006 Silent Fools joined. Later on, in the same month, Obsidian Daggers joined as well.

The primary goal of the flag has been to have fun, and create fun for others by shaking things up a little here and there. The first step along that path was the successful blockade of Amity Island on the 12th of August 2006, preventing its sale and transfer, and simultaneously celebrating The Lost Lot joining the flag. On the same day, Purple People Eaters also joined the flag.

The flag's next blockade, of Caravanserai Island, took place on 2 September 2006. Although the flag lost this blockade, it achieved their goal of creating a shift in ocean politics. Many formerly established groups switched sides for this blockade, or opted to stay out altogether.

Following a couple of months where the flag supported other flags at various blockades, they made a suprise drop on Gauntlet Island the day it opened. The flag planned the blockade in under 24 hours. Despite low jobbing numbers for both sides, it was a well fought blockade, ending in an extremely close final round. Candy Coated Chaos became the first flag to own an island in the Osprey Archipelago.

On 3 December 2006, Rogues of Sage took control of Admiral Island in a joint venture with Candy Coated Choas. Inanna was briefly made governor of the island.

Upon Inanna's decision to retire, Korr assumed the monarchy, and on February 25, 2007, the flag took control of Kiwara Island.

Founded by Inanna on June 12 of 2006, Candy Coated Chaos currently consists of Pernix Adaeque Simius, The Lost Lot, Black Dragons , Morbid Dreams, and Obsidian Daggers.

Public Statement

Sweet, Sugary, occasionally crispy or nutty and a little bit wild.

No, we don't want to join your crew/flag/alliance.

Ask politely if you're interested in joining us.

Cookies for everyone!

Mission Statement

We like fun. You like fun. We will consider helping you to create fun. That is, if you're in need of guidance in high end gameplay, such as large scale event planning, blockades or politics, come talk to us. We'd like an ocean that has the potential to be more exciting than all the others put together, and the only way that's going to happen is through larger and larger numbers of people understanding what it takes to run a successful crew, flag, blockade or event. You have an idea? Come talk to us, we might be able to help. Remember though, we're here to offer guidance, and help you to help yourselves, not to run things for you. If you're interested in what we have to offer, send any one of our Royals a /tell.

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