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Cambar is a pirate on the Sage Ocean. He is a senior officer of the crew Fair Winds and member of the flag Raving Notion.



Cambar joined the game at the Spaniel I blockade the 26th of November 2005. He joined the crew Ottomans Armada as a pirate his first day. After two days as a pirate, he was promoted to officer, and within two weeks he raised to the rank of senior officer, under the captaincy of Screamadle.

In january 2006 some conflicts found place in the crew, and Cambar decided to join Arian and make a new crew named Ocean Admirals.

Some new conflicts found place in the crew, wich was the result of the banning of Arian. To prevent the crew to split up, Cambar and Ceraphim decided to found a new crew, named Fair Winds. Cambar was captain there for about two months, before the captaincy role was handed over to Ceraphim.

Cambar is now retired, but your able to catch him if your lucky.