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Introductory messge from Brummieboy: "I don't do writing bout myself so if ye know me and have sommit constructive AND nice to say bout me add yer worst!!"

Brummieboy is a pirate on the Midnight Ocean. He is captain of the crew British Bandits and king of the flag Vexillam Odiamus.

Brummieboy's name came about from the fact that he comes from a place called Birmingham in England. Residents there are affectionately referred to by others as Brummie's.

Brummieboy began his pirate career in early 2004, though the person behind the pirate had previously played the game in its early Beta stage, on Azure. He drifted away after about a year of playing but later decided later to give the game another chance, and thus Brummieboy was born. (Brummieboy is a firm believer that everybody/thing deserves a 2nd chance, but not a 3rd).

Brummieboy initially joined a crew called Alchemists Guild, which was a mainly British crew. Then he, together with a few others in that crew, decided to form a mutiny and jumped ship to create a new crew, British Bandits.

The crew has seen many changes over it's lifetime. It began as a small independent crew, and then grew to a moderate sized crew in a one-crew flag. They then decided to merge with a flag known as Allied Foundation and life was sweet for a while. Together they ended up blockading the largest island in the whole of Midnight, Beta Island, which remains home to Brummieboy and many of his crewmates (although he still has a secret urge to blockade that island... bugger the secrets out!!).

Following the failed attempt at taking control of Beta Island there was a change of leadership in Allied Foundation and Brummieboy was chosen as the new king. Again life was sweet for a while, and Brummieboy led his flag in a successful blockade of Remora Island.

Eventually, it was time for a change and Brummieboy and his crew left Allied Foundation and created a new flag, Vexillam Odiamus. All was peaceful there until Brummieboy decided to retire in 2007. He remained King of Vexillam Odiamus, on the grounds that a politically inactive flag doesn't need an active king, but he passed on the captain's hat of the British Bandits to Billywhizz.

In August 2008 Brummieboy came out of retirement to assist his flag in a new blockade of Remora Island. Though unsuccessful, the blockade was enough fun that it convinced Brummieboy to un-retire, and he reclaimed his captain's hat.