British Bulldogs

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British Bulldogs at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Captain Ladyblueeyes
Senior Officer(s) Alissandra, Annapirat, Baitbulldog
Politics Democratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation United Fury
Founded 29 June, 2005
Last updated on 1 February, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-British Bulldogs.jpg

British Bulldogs was founded by Rizzalina in June 2005 to welcome all nationalities as well as English pirates.

The crew also includes a family of Swedes, headed by Rizzalina's First Mate, Berjo.


British Bulldogs was founded by Rizzalina with the help of Xay/Revelations and Slinkie on 29 June, 2005 after their former crew disbanded. They recruited many members of the previous crew who were left without a crew after their captain left.

At one time the crew flew the flag of Caper's Capers but eventually migrated to the flag The Wrath of Neptune by 24 April, 2007.

Public statement

Welcome to the British Bulldogs.

Crew articles

  1. Please make sure you team in battle, do not trade or challenge other pirates during sailing or be disrespectful towards other members of the crew. Failure to comply will result in PLANKING.
  2. ALWAYS ask for Permission to Board (PTB). Some pirates have to sail on their own to protect the goods they are sailing and do not require the assistance of any other pirates. You should ask permission in crew chat ie. /crew

If you do not know how to team in a sea battle please let it be known as soon as you board a ship.

Promotion requirements

Being trustworthy and loyal to the crew is as important as your piracy stats.

  • Officer: Once you have obtain Narrow on all piracy puzzle stats you will be eligible to undertake the Officer training course. This course is split into two sessions given by either Isabelle or Rizzalina.
  • Fleet Officer: You will have to prove that you can command a ship on your own before you are promoted to Fleet Officer status.
  • Senior Officer: Promotion to Senior Officer is given at the discretion of the Captain, First Mate and Quartermaster. (Berjo and Rustypirate).

Crew colours

All officers are requested, if they are able to, to wear blue and yellow clothes.