Brigand or Barbarian

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Place bets on Brigand or Barbarian!

Chance to double your money just like roulette in casinos!

You pick which one you think that will appear first! This ship size does not matter!

How to Play!

First off, you say whether you think the ship is going to be a Brigand or Barbarian.

Secondly, you put the amount of PoE into the ships hold that you are willing to bet on that appearnce.

Minimum bet is 1,000 PoE

Game Rules!

If your selected pick appears FIRST you receive twice the amount put into the hold once we deport [For example, if you pick Brigands and a Brigand ship appears you win!] If the opposite of your selected pick appears, you then lose your bet!

If a Navy ship appears the house wins. [You lose your bet]

If a Merchant ship or Player ship appears, it's a draw and we continue sailing until we intercept with a Brigand, Barbarian, or Navy vessel.

If we pass a ship that is engaged, it is considered a Player ship therefore it's a draw and we continue sailing!


Airborne and Poorfarmer

Currently only on Emerald!