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!align=center|[[Image:Gretchen_Goldfang.png|Gretchen the Goldfang]]
!align=center|[[Image:Gretchen_Goldfang.png|Gretchen the Goldfang]]
|Gretchen's male swabbies wear turbans.<br>The women wear scarves.
|Gretchen's male swabbies wear turbans.<br>The women wear scarves. All her swabbies<br>have gold rings on their hats.  
!align=center|The Widow Queen
!align=center|The Widow Queen

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Brigand Kings are special brigands found occasionally when players attack red- or orange-ringed ships. Brigand Kings can be distinguished from normal brigands in that they are flagged <Brigand King> instead of <Brigand>. Note that not all <Brigand King> ships in fact contain Brigand Kings. Rather, the brigand king makes an announcement at the start of sea battle if one is aboard. Once the battle ends the brigand king's ship disappears immediately.

Defeating a brigand king provides a special trinket particular to that king.

Old salts in the inn will provide information on the kings for their standard ten PoE fee. This information appears to be a random statement pertaining to a specific King gathering/plundering a certain type of fruit. How exactly these statements pertain to the Brigand Kings is uncertain.

List of Kings

Brigand Kings
Admiral Finius Finius' swabbies wear tam o'shanters.
Barnabas the Pale Barnabas's swabbies are blue skellies.
Gretchen the Goldfang Gretchen's male swabbies wear turbans.
The women wear scarves. All her swabbies
have gold rings on their hats.
The Widow Queen Widow Queen's swabbies are all female and wear
a grey bandana with a red hourglass on it

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