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= List of Kings =
= List of Kings =
''' Swordfighting Kings '''
*[[Barnabas the Pale]]
''' Rumble Kings '''
*[[Vargas the Mad]]
''' Both Rumbling and Swordfighting Kings '''
*[[Admiral Finius]]
*[[Gretchen Goldfang]]
*[[The Widow Queen]]
'''Yet to be Confirmed'''
*[[Azarbad the Great]]
= Brigand King Blockades =
= Brigand King Blockades =

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Brigand Kings are special brigands found occasionally when players attack red- or orange-ringed ships. Brigand kings cannot be distinguished from normal brigands before entering sea battle. Rather, the brigand king makes an announcement at the start of the sea battle and the brigand ship will display the <Brigand King> flag on the battle navigation screen. During the melee the normal swordfight puzzle background is replaced with a special "Brigand King!" background. Once the battle ends the brigand king's ship disappears immediately. Barbarian Kings behave exactly like Brigand Kings, except they display <Barbarian King> during sea battle, rumble during the melee, and use a "Barbarian King!" background1.

A ship engaged with a Brigand King ship.

Defeating a brigand king provides a special trinket particular to that king. These trinkets can be held in portraits. The trinkets are inscribed with the message, "Ransomed by <Brigand King> to <Pirate> on <date>." Every experienced player2 aboard will receive the same type of trinket, but they may be different colors.

Old salts in the inn will provide information on the kings for their standard ten PoE fee. This information appears to be a random statement pertaining to a specific King gathering/plundering a certain type of fruit. How exactly these statements pertain to the Brigand Kings is uncertain. There is speculation that the fruit increases the chance of that Brigand King appearing, but people have also encountered Brigand Kings without having any fruit on board, so it doesn't seem to be a requirement to get them.

1 There have been cases of Admiral Finius and Gretchen Goldfang being a Barbarian King yet the background to the rumble puzzle appears as a non-Barbarian King rumble background.
2 On doubloon oceans, the player must be holding at least a Pirate badge. On subscription oceans, the player must be subscribed.

List of Kings

Swordfighting Kings

Rumble Kings

Both Rumbling and Swordfighting Kings

Yet to be Confirmed

Brigand King Blockades

Brigand Kings are currently appearing in blockades on Ice. Right now they must be told to show up by the developers, but Ocean Masters have assured us that this will change in the near future.

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Historical Notes

The artwork for Vargas the Mad was missing until release 2006-07-19. Players who encountered him at sea would see an error message instead of his face.

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