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Ahoy! This page can be used to post and discuss player Box suggestions while the forums are unavailable. Each suggestion can have its section on this page, where players can comment. Feel free to edit and format as needed.

Tempest/Sea Green/Differently named box

While the "ghost familiar" from the tempest and barrel box were very special and cool, I believe there's demand for a general "sea green" box. It would fit as a somewhat more regularly returning box in the june slot, as the tempest box released some sea green familiars in june 2020.

What I want to see: More sea green familiars, and sea green pets! (The tempest box had no sea green pets!)

My personal specific suggestion: Serpent (Has not been given out in any shade of green yet!) (unfortunately did not get them in the spring green boxes)

I have more suggestions on the way but I wanted to get this one out early because there would not be much time to implement it.

Patgangster (talk) 19:10, 20 May 2022 (UTC)


For the current series of black boxes, could we include Explosive barrel (pyramid) instead of the normal explosive barrel we can get from kraken hunts? It's strange that the other explody furniture items (Bombs (desktop), Bomb crate, Explosive crates) all come from the same 2013 Ice Mystery Box, but the explosive pyramid was left out.

Would love to see a complete series of Brigand King statuettes & figurines finished as well - only half of them were created and released in Gold Boxes years ago - we're still missing Vargy, Byrnhild, Barny, and our favourite Yu Jian!

The furniture we get in Gold Boxes is also genuinely quite terrible compared to the ones from Mystery Boxes, and it's also fairly painful when so much of the good stuff is locked behind MBs, coupled with the already low furniture drop rates. An adjustment in the % chance, or just a better pool of furniture items in Gold Boxes, possibly shared with the MB of the preceding month would be appreciated.

Lirnestella (talk) 20:15, 20 May 2022 (UTC)

General suggestion (for any box)

Could we please get bronze as a color (and chroma)?

We do have bronze medal trinkets, bronze furniture, a bronze karkinos but sadly no pirate invented bronze dye yet.

Gold: Gold Box

Silver: Greedy Brigands

Bronze: As a drop from "fake gold boxes" or as a Trade-in ("melt") for old medal trinkets from automated tournaments into a bronze chroma? It would be a great and logical way to flush the ocean from these useless trinkets. People would also find a reason to participate in more tournaments. The exchange rate could be 10 medals for 1 chroma at the trading post. (Note: If people "cheese" the system and use palace shoppe medals, it would cost them 40 dubs + 40k per chroma, so it wouldnt be sustainable)

Mystery Box

I would like to see some cool serpents, possibly in warm summer colors. With the release of the vampires it would also be sick to have a black/crimson serpent, maybe as part of a sinister box. (There is also a lot of snake/serpent furniture that could be used as a theme for a box.)

Since people went crazy over milkshake collections, maybe start releasing handkerchiefs in LE colors too. That would get people hooked for at least a year.


Royal Blue is getting insanely hard to come by, and is without a doubt THEE best color in the game, a re-release of the chroma would be magnificent.

An Electric Blue Ippolito (EB Octo, not EB Parrot in color) would be an amazing familiar, I feel the LE SH's are really well done and have kicked up quite a lot of interest, please keep pumping them out! The hatted fams on the other hand, not so great. They look good in portraits, but not so much in pers... pirate.

Non-tradeable pets/fams, no. Just, no. Wolverines, Owls and Rats, oh my! Having a neon green rat, nifty! Having 3... why? They're sort of interesting, but largely worthless. Pets take a hard backseat as they're rarely seen. Many pirates, maybe most, spend the majority of their time in the inns or on the docks where pets might as well not exist at all.


Black Box

I would love to see a black pet rock ("charcoal" fits the stone theme). We saw the release of other shades, but charcoal is missing :/

Maybe also a super rare swashbucklin penguin (with an eyepatch and hat) in shadow or black. Like, make him as rare as the skeleton fams.

An exceedingly ultra rare injury potion that is tradeable would be great. The injury you'd get could still be random (1 out of 3 injuries). It would go for quite a coin. Perfect for people that sit on 2/3 injuries and can't seem to get the last one.

Gold Box

The guardian lion furniture should make a re-release. Its gold, its shiny, and it was last seen in 2010. (It was in at least the Sept 2018 chocolate box and the Nov 2019 wine box. Demeter)

I personally also like the medieval tapestry and medieval weapons rack a lot.