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No longer running.
An all-ocean event.
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This is a description of the prizes that are on offer during Series 2.
Slatted crate
5 PoE
Paint brush
Fish skeleton
400 PoE
'Primary' foil
Trinket case
Crate of madder (red)
7,500 PoE
Fancy wardrobe
Cat or Dog
25,000 PoE
Shell or coral trinket
Treasure chest
200,000 PoE
Sleeping animal
Rare artifact
500,000 PoE
Full outfit
The prizes of Season 2.


  • A 'primary foil' is a foil that uses either red, yellow or blue for each one of its two colors.
  • The crate of madder may either be herbs or spices.
  • A 'weapon' is a sword, mug or bludgeon. The backsword and broken bottle may not be chosen.
  • For a list of shell and coral trinkets, see the trinket article.
  • The throne may not have gold cloth, nor may it have black as a primary color.
  • A sleeping animal is either a pig, piglet, tortoise or turtle. See the list of animal furniture.
  • Rare artifacts are furniture items that cannot be bought from a furniture shoppe. See the list of artifact furniture.
  • The familiar cannot be all-black, all-white, and ought not to have tan as a color (although if the contestant really wants to squander a couple of million PoE, who is to stop them?)