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This page gives a brief synopsis of the Booty or No Booty players from the start of the second series of the game.

Week 28 (December 22)

Bootython Part 1


Jalan submitted two tickets out of the total of seven; he beat Stevensam who submitted an impressive 3 tickets, and swore he would get on the show that day. Jalan picked box 2. After a good start with the new prize board, he rejected an offer of 175,000 PoE from Stevensam. In the next round, he knocked out the familiar, and rejected another offer of 182,001 PoE. After a terrible third round which decimated his board, he gladly accepted an offer of 131,415 PoE.

Jalan went away with 131,415 PoE.



Having just won a box of unpurchasable maroon spices, fortune was in his favour. His bid of 131,415 PoE, out of interest, is a one followed by the first 5 digits of pi. After a catastrophic host mix up, and a redeal of the final three boxes, eliminating the trinket twice, he won a treasure chest. However, due to the confusion, and his desire for a gold conch shell (of lower value), he was awarded the gold conch shell because it was Christmas.

Stevensam bought a gold conch shell for 131,415 PoE (and 3 golden tickets).

Part 2


Lolpirate was the lucky ticket holder out of five that got to play the game. A brilliant first round attracted an opening offer of over 150,000 from the regular bidder Cyndiepet. However, eliminating the familiar resulted in a higher offer next round, which was a modest 180,000 PoE. Obliterating the board in round 3, he bravely rejected an offer of 125,000 PoE from Beu, with only the 500k and rare artefact worth something significant. Left between a paint brush and said rare artefact, he declined the final offer of 90k. Turning down the allowed swap, he walked away with a bronze neckband.

Lolpirate won a rare artefact.

Part 3



Inanna was back, after her catastrophic (but assuredly fun) time buying a hemp stack for 400,000 PoE. She was the lucky ticket holder out of the six tickets turned in. An excellent first round resulted in a terrible first wave bid of 35k, but a ludicrous second wave bid of 555,555 PoE. She understandably shouted 'Booty' and happily watched from the sidelines. Whoever this mystery bidder was, everyone expected them to lose a lot of money.

Inanna dealt at 555,555 PoE.


Luigi's intention was to go to the end - he wasn't interested in any offers at all. After a mediocre second and third round, he turned things around in round 4, to be left with either 200,000 PoE or a familiar. Even though Booty or No Booty players have done terribly when it comes to familiar finals, Luigi defied all odds as usual - he profited 500,000 PoE while Shahrzaad exchanged it for a tan bandana - to win a familiar. He chose a black/maroon parrot, which he called Actarius

Luigi won the game's second ever familiar.

Part 4 (Dec 23)



Pogomogo beat 5 other ticket holders to the punch, and chose box 20. He went through all 4 rounds, before accepting Thor's unusual offer of 55,000 PoE, only having the 5 PoE and 7,500 PoE boxes left.

Pogomogo walked away with 55,000 PoE.


Thor made a very unusual offer, to say the least. However, he still ended up with the better box, after taking a swap.

Thor walked away with 7,500 PoE, a loss of 47,500 PoE.

Part 5



Mogget beat out 7 other ticket holders on this, the final leg of the Bootython. She started out with a not-so-good first round, the lowest prize eliminated being the display case, the highest, 500,000 PoE. Her second round was better, however the third round brought the loss of the familiar. Eliminating the throne, trinket and wardrobe in the final round, she rejected an offer of 3,500 PoE, with the slatted crate and paint brush prizes left. Rejecting a swap, she took home the first slatted crate of the new season.

Mogget won a slatted crate.

To be continued