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Blighted is a conglomerate republic, with an old salt from every inn, a handful of imaginary friends, a kraken, and a Jamesdoom receiving a voice on the Absurdity Council. A rather complicated process involving drawing straws, ro sham bo, and palm reading is needed to pass any motion that is made. When a crew first joins Blighted, they will be summarily humped; if they decline, a hearty handshake is also acceptable, although the former is preferred. A member of royalty may stand for as long as their legs will allow, as long as they make sure not to lock their knees.

Current royalty council


The monarch is the public farce of Blighted, and acts as the chair for discussions of the Royalty Council, who may be sat upon if the previously mentioned royalty no longer feels like standing, only casting a vote in order to break ties, especially bow ties. Monarchs are elected by a game of Heads of Seven Up, but Jamesdoom cheats, so the only time anyone else gets to steal the crown is when he's off driving botes in a blockade. A person may serve as monarch on multiple occasions, but may not serve more than two consecutive terms.

List of Monarchs

Monarch's Cabinet

Members of Blighted's cabinet are directly appointed by the monarch. Each appointed cabinet head is free to recruit aides and co-workers, and delegate responsibility as they feel is necessary. Currently there is no limit to the length of a term on the Cabinet nor is it necessary to come out of the closet to be in the Cabinet. As quoted from the flag's extended public statement:

We at Blighted take this game very seriously and believe that each individual pirate is important to the success of our flag. As such, many of our members have chosen to take on important roles within our conglomerate. If you have specific questions about our flag, please contact the appropriate person listed below.
Office Pirates
Office of Action Movie Reviews Mogget
Office of Bubbles and Suds Radders
Office of the Coalition of Evil Dub Buyers Fjord / Nowie
Office of Inanity Ianthekorean
Office of Grappling Urmom Harding
Office of Belittling Harding's Manhood Hoochiecooch
Office of the Secretary to Whom Harding Does Obscene Things Bealotus
Office of Terrifying Clowns Kritastrophe
Office of Manly Charm Vhunter
Offices of the Officing Officers Offices Jenardo
Office of Apples Brokenjazz
Office of KEK Springheel
Office of Unreasonable Hating and Abuse Sailerboylee
Office of Forum Avoidance Mars*
Office of b00bies! Calamarie
Office of the Department of Redundancy Department Office Maxxen
Office of Pointing Out the Obvious Penguinpaste
Office of Establishing Bathroom Dominance Jamesdoom
Office of Hat Stealing Hezz
Office of Tormenting Knarf Brizo
Office of Wikiality Arminius
Office of Mommy Duties Morgana
Office of General Villainy Blackwood

*=not part of the flag Blighted anymore.

Titled Members

Titled members are nominated by no one for no particular reason whatsoever. To be brought under discussion, an individual must nominate him/herself. Once this happens, a discussion takes place in their own head, after which a motion is made on whether to appoint the individual to the nobility. Titled members retain their title indefinitely or until they move to bigger and better things.


When Blighted holds an island, the governor is chosen by reading tea leaves. An individual holds the position for a term of however long as the flag holds the island.

Governors of Meke Island under Blighted

Governors of Nu Island under Blighted

Governors of Oyster Island under Blighted