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Blackvixey can be found sailing the Sage Ocean.


Blackvixey has been a guiding influence for many a pirate, especially during her stay with Greed's Ambassadors where she help mold several of the senior officers into the fine captains they are today. She can be found either out on a pillage, ordering stock at one of the 13 stalls she manages(spread out over four archipelagos), or socializing with her many friends and allies. Known for her bubbly and energetic attitude towards pirating life in general, and her ability to defuse many a volatile situation, she is well respected as the current captain of the Defenders of Truth crew, and the reigning monarch of the flag Verus Fidelitas.

Current Projects

Her current are, but not limited to:

  • Pillaging and plundering to keep her crew on Sage's fame list.
  • Planning to open a furnishing stall in the future.
  • Helping her flag to have a lot of fun as they rebuild.
  • Running a sailing school to help crew members become better officers and captains.