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Billabongs at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Surfguy
Senior Officer(s) Captandrew, Hippie, Jakedpirate, Nary, Pikapikapika
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Muro Ami
Dormant or disbanded as of 23 January, 2006

Public Statement

Welcome to Billabongs
The cool crew in sage!
Rule #1: Don't ask to gun or nav unless you have the the skills for it.
Rule #2: Booty is divided at port.
Rule #3: Promotions go through Surfguy or any officer/senior officer.
Rule #4: Listen to the officers and SOs.
Rule #5: Everyone must work!
Rule #6: Never leave the ships abandoned at sea or a island.
To become a pirate: Just have the badge and ask.
To become a Officer: Have the badge and at least 2 broads.
To become Fleet Officer: Have at least 3 broads and 1 solid and be trusted.
To become Senior officer: Have the badge, 3 broads and 2 solids and must be trusted very very well.
To become Captain: Too bad you can't that's my job!
Last but not least make sure you have FUN!
(tips)When we are at battle remember to team up in 2s and 3s. To team you have to click on the other persons head and there will be a dot next to them there can only be 2 or 3 dots when at sea battle.
Crew Stalls: Surfguy's distilling stall (Greenwich), Capitain's Shipbuilding Stall(Greenwich), and Capitain's Ironworking Stall (Descartes), Capitain's Ironworking Stall (Greenwich), Surfguy's ironworking stall (Greenwich), Surfguy's Shipbuilding Stall (Wenslydale).
Flag Stalls: Too Many To Name!
Sloops: 6
War Brigs: 2
War Frigate: 1(comming soon!)
Make sure u register at the Crew web site which is and our flag web site which is


At this time, there is no crew history.

News and Issues

At this time, there are no publically posted news and issues.

External Links

Billabongs crew website[1]
Muro Ami flag website[2]