Better Den You

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Better Den You
Right-facing Fort on
Penobscot Island (Stork Archipelago)
Emerald Ocean
Owner Waywardmatt
Erected June 2006
Building-Emerald-Better Den You.png

Better Den You is the fort on Penobscot Island of the Emerald Ocean. The fort was named Beaver by the Sign until the flag Mushroom Kingdom took control of Penobscot Island and renamed it to No Girls Allowed. It was later renamed to Cabot Cove. Upon Peace Sells revamp of the Island, it was renamed to The Penal System. In 2013, it was renamed to Molly Mollasses, before being renamed again to Fort of Dreams. It was renamed to Better Den You in September 2022 when the island was taken over by Emeralds Lost Souls.

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