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Bahara is a senior officer in the crew Colloquial Extortion and prince of the flag Requisition.


Bahara has been playing since early 2011 and his name orginates from a pun on his friend's name. He had a passion for swordfighting as it reminded him of Tetris. He used to job for blockades originally jobbing for Knockout on the Hunter Ocean and became interested in the blockade scene. After awhile, Cairna decided to give Bahara a shot in a pre-arranged non-sinking blockade, to test his mettle. It quickly became apparant he had a natural ability to navigate in a blockade displaying the attributes of a leader. This has since lead him to become the lead navigator in all of Knockout's affairs, to the envy of enemy navigators. Also his best friends is Dagnanlian, whom he loves dearly.

Day to day

Bahara can be found on the brawling tables, teaming with his friend's for fun or playing poker to help fund Knockout and his newer flag Requisition for future blockades; helping his flag(s) with funds has always been close to Bahara's main objectives and he makes a point to give a large portion of his net revenue to the flag.