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Azagh is a Captain and Drunk of the crew ZZ Top and a lord of the flag Chocolate Coated on the Viridian Ocean.


Azagh joined Puzzle Pirates around the year 2006 and mainly plays on the Viridian Ocean, but has been spotted on other Oceans during major pay war blockades.

He hopped between crews for a few months before settling down with Theforgoten's crew, where he was an officer. He then took a 6 month break because of having technical issues with logging on. When he solved the problem, his once favorite crew was now V-I-M-T-O. Not able to get a promotion in the crew he again hopped between crews for another couple of months before settling down as a senior officer in Peperox's crew, which soon after merged with Betorox's crew Heroes. He soon changed crews and joined Squid Squad as an officer. After a short stay with Squid Squad he returned to his friends in Heroes.

Azagh received a promotion to senior officer in Heroes, but later took on a new role as an officer in the crew Ducha De Oro as he needed a fresh start and a more active crew with which he could learn the politics of Viridian. After then taking a two and a half month break from Puzzle Pirates, Azagh returned and took up a job as senior officer in his favorite crew, Heroes. He has recently become a lord of the flag Chocolate Coated. After being bored with the game and wanting free shanghais he has created his own crew ZZ Top.


Currently Owned

Previously Owned

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Azagh has not accomplished a lot but heres the few things he has.

  • Reached legendary standing in rumble, treasure drop, poker, foraging, treasure haul
  • Reached grand-master standing in hearts.
  • Won a cake on YPP's fifth birthday in a rumble tournament.
  • Won 100k in a forum contest for naming the inn on Hadrian Island (Royal Flush).
  • Awarded a Galene doll and 3 galene eggs for completing the Indy 50.0 league sloop race challange
  • Won a ribbon in rumble tournament "rockets, red rumble" on July 2 2010
  • Was awarded a Seahorse on an Atlantis citadel run on November 15 2012, his first day playing in over 6 months

Blockade Navagating

Azagh has just recently started his blockade navagating career and offers free service to any allies of Chocolate Coated



Azagh's hobbies are rumbling, pillaging, going on sea monster hunts and playing hearts between sea monster hunts. He also loves playing with his parrot and octopus and of course hunting those smelly Zombies.