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Familiars Won


Axeman washed up on Cobalt late March 2006 and soon joined up with the crew Arabian Knights. He started as a cabin person, but stayed with the crew and soon became a senior officer. In the process, he befriended Scubee and Sebastienne. Later the crew merged with Dragon Riders. Axeman became dissatisfied with his flag, so he left the Dragon Riders and founded the Arctic Remains. Within a day his crew joined the flag Dark Asylum. In late October 2006, Arctic Remains merged with Maniacal Marauders also of Dark Asylum, bringing Axeman back into a crew with Scubee and Sebastienne. Axeman is currently senior officer of Maniacal Marauders. In late January 2007 the crew Maniacal Marauders left Dark Asylum and made a new flag called In Search Of Port Royale. As Maniacal marauders had split in two the other half of the crew also had a flag called Kraken Flag. Maniacal Marauders quickly left there flag and joined Kraken flag. After crewmates leaving the game and coming back and leaving again, Axeman was promoted to captain as the only completely active SO. Soon afterwards Kraken crew left the flag and we needed a new monarch, the flag voted Axeman as the new king.

Awards and Accomplishments

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