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Aubrey is a senior officer in the crew Wicked and is a princess of the flag Sick Man's Dream on the Meridian Ocean. Her favorite puzzles are drinking, sailing and alchemistry. Aubrey can be found most days sailing with her hearties into Cursed Isles or on pillages with her faithful cat Evita by her side. Aubrey was governer of Akhlys Island for one year until the flag she was in moved to Hunter and let the island be returned to Brigand Kings.

Contributions and Achievements

Alchemistry Achievements

  • 1st place in Cursed Concoctions
  • 1st place in a Shot At Love (Alchemistry division)
  • Won a magenta/tan monkey in an Alchemistry familiar competition.


Aubrey started her pirate journey in August of 2005 on Viridian, but her favorite ocean and the one that she will always call home is Malachite. Aubrey is known for winning the very first Cursed Isle map on Malachite by placing first in Cursed Concoctions on November 19, 2008. She also co-hosted the Naughty Nerds Trick or Treat Extravaganza with Nattee during Halloween 2008. Aubrey is an avid doodler and has participated in December Daily Doodles for several years. Aubrey finally won the coveted "Dedicated Doodler" award in December of 2011.

Aubrey takes residence in her beloved villa on Celesta Isle where she welcomes guests to pet her rooms full of cats. Her pride and joy of her villa is her beautiful garden. This is where she spends most of her spare time.

She is the owner of the Barbie Dream Boat, A renamed sloop. Aubrey enjoys collecting the limited edition ships that are offered monthly. Her dream is to own the entire collection of ships. She also collects starfish and has one of every color.

For Aubrey, For teaching Vargas the joys of trick-or-treating, Hallowe'en 2008.
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Aubrey, a lime-rose for a lime-rick. Congratulations on winning a Daily Doodle, December 2008!
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Aubrey, for taking first place in Love On The Rocks on February 17, 2009.
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Aubrey, Congratulations on winning a Daily Doodle, December 2011
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Congratulations to Aubrey for winning 1st place in the Cursed Concoctions competition on November 19, 2008!
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Aubrey, Congratulations on being a Dedicated Doodler, December 2011!
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Renamed Ships (Custom)

  Type Name
Sloop dock.png  Sloop Barbie Dream Boat
Sloop dock.png  Sloop Laughing Lulu
Sloop dock.png  Sloop Vesuvius
Sloop dock.png  Sloop First Boat