Atha'an Miere (Viridian)

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This article is about a Viridian Ocean crew. For the disbanded Midnight Ocean crew, see Atha'an Miere (Midnight).
Atha'an Miere at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Zarine
Senior Officer(s) RowdyRalph, Jollylady
Politics Ranks Privelege
Flag Affiliation Pay for Play
Dormant or disbanded as of 7 April, 2006

Atha'an Miere is a crew on the retired Viridian Ocean. It once flew the flag of Pay for Play.


Atha'an Miere is the Member Crew of the flag Pay for Play. This crew was founded by Zarine.

The name Atha'an Miere comes from Robert Jordan's fantasy novels, The Wheels Of Time. In the novel the Atha'an Miere, called the Sea Folk by commoners, are a group of people with complex customs that live on ships and on islands in the Sea of Storms. They only showed up on the mainland to trade goods, until prophecy seemed to be fulfilled. They typically have a dark complexion, and are seen as "exotic" by mainlanders. The rank of a Sea Folk can be determined by both the number of piercings (typically ear and nose, with a chain in between for higher ranks) and the quality of the metal used for the earrings/nose rings

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